2022 - A Year of Urgency

As you read this, we will be nearing the end of our 21 Day Selah Fast. At the time of this writing, I am preparing to begin this fast. Honestly, I feel like the Lord has been preparing me for this particular fast for most of 2021.

A Change of the Heart

For the past year, the Lord has been stirring in me a new desire and passion to reach the lost. It has been a work of the heart mostly. The Lord has been giving me a new burden for reaching out to unbelievers and inviting them into relationship with the Lord and into His family.

I sense a greater urgency than ever to live as though his return is about to happen right now. It is the urgency we see the disciples demonstrating in the early days of the Church. It is the urgency we see Jesus display in the encounters he has with Nicodemus and the woman at the well. It is the urgency we must all share in this new year.

The Persecuted Church

Another thing the Lord has drawn me to witness is the work of our Christian brothers and sisters living in countries where Christianity is restricted or even illegal. In these countries, those who put their faith in Jesus very often face the literal persecution we read about in scripture that will come with following Christ. Many have lost family and close friends, lost their family inheritances, lost their right to earn a living, gone to prison, been beaten severely, or even murdered for their Christian faith. 

In the face of this type of persecution, these brothers and sisters take bold stands to live out their faith as Jesus has commanded us. They are fully committed to “go and make disciples”. Their boldness inspires me and, in all honesty, convicts me. The Church is exploding in these persecuted countries! How much more ought the Church be growing here in America where we enjoy the present freedom to so openly share our faith with others. 

A Message of Hope 

We have an amazing opportunity to get busy telling everyone everywhere about the One who can change everything for anybody! It is a message of hope that must be told and it must be told by you and I who have experienced it ourselves. It is a message that demands urgency.

Our monthly outreach is a perfect opportunity for you to partner with others from all over our region to live out this great calling to go and make disciples. Come join us this year! 

Save the Dates! 

Feb. 19, Mar. 19, Apr. 23, May 21, Jun. 18, Jul. 23, Aug. 20, Sept. 17, Oct. 22, Nov. 19, Dec. 17

We want to train and equip every volunteer to share the Gospel AND to make disciples as part of their everyday life. Sharing the Gospel with someone so they can believe in Jesus Christ is only the beginning. These new believers must now be taught how to live this new life in Christ. The Lord has called every believer into this beautiful work. It is a work we must embrace with urgency!

-Chuck Odum, Local Outreach Coordinator, chuck@take-the-city.com


TTC led me out of darkness and into the love I’ve longed for my entire life, the love of JESUS.  They’ve taught me to love like Jesus by walking out my created purpose.  My Spirit has been healed, I am whole, because of their obedience to do God’s will.  They have introduced me to and welcomed me into a powerful tribe of women that love Jesus with their whole heart.  Women that strengthen, teach, support, and encourage one another with the power and authority given by the Holy Spirit.  I am eternally grateful for their ministry and humbled to be called family.

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