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Equipping and empowering people to go to the next level in their capacity to share the gospel and make disciples who multiply.

June 11th - July 30th @ 7 pm (EST)


Our team at Take the City is passionate about helping to equip every-day followers of Jesus to share the gospel and make disciples. We have hosted training events for the past seven years in various churches, ministries, and city-wide conferences. The specific purpose of Reach School: Advanced is to provide the next level of training for the thousands of people who have attended our various schools and events. 

Reach School: Advanced is a course that is building upon the foundation of our reach school and training curriculum. A simple way to understand the difference between the two courses would be to call our entry-level schools as a 101 and this Reach School: Advanced course as a 201. We will continue with some of the same subjects we review in our 101 but will go into far greater depths.

Course Prerequisites:

***Attended a previous TTC Training event, online school or our online E-Course that  is available at: 


 // TTC Online Training Course \\


***Fill out Online Application 

Course Costs and Expectations:

In order to fully complete our Reach School: Advanced course you need to do the following

– $80 – Cost of the entire course

– Attend 6 of 8 online live sessions

– Watch any sessions missed

– Join online community for the advanced course

– Utilize UnitedHive APP and complete weekly assignments

– Zoom account

8 SESSIONS - $80

Week one we will dive into the basics of the Gospel and introduce a tool that we will use through the entire course called:

“Believe and Obey”

This will review some of the things we have taught in our previous schools to be sure we launch into the advanced course with a good foundation

We dive even deeper into our understanding of the Gospel and what the New Covenant entails. Our primary focus will be discovering more of what the good news really is. 


We will focus on the three-dimensional life that Jesus lived.

Jesus spent time with the Father, with His disciples and reaching the lost.

In this session, we will discuss these three rhythms and a simple visual tool that can be helpful to remember these three important aspects of the life of Jesus

We can see in the gospels that there were 4 primary ways that Jesus and His disciples demonstrated the Kingdom of God.

In this session, we will explore each of those things and how they are significant for us today as we aim to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Matthew 4:1-20 – In this session, we will look at the parable of the four soils that Jesus taught. We will talk about the importance of sowing seeds of the Gospel and investing wisely as we begin to make disciples.

Luke 10:1-9 – In this session, we will look at the story where Jesus sent out 72 of his disciples and gave them some clear instructions. We will talk specifically about what we can learn based on what he told the disciples to do and what He told them not to do.

In this session we will share how we can not only share the gospel with others but also make disciples through Discovery Bible Studies. This session will help equip you to better understand how to start one and begin to make disciples who make disciples.

In this final session, we will talk about the importance of living a life committed to the great commission.

We will be commissioning all of our students to live a lifestyle of evangelism and to go and make disciples who make disciples.


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Andrew Chalmers

Andrew Chalmers is the founder of the movement called “Take the City.” After being radically delivered from an addiction to street drugs in 2009 he received a passion to share the love of Christ with people in cities and nations all over the world. His primary goal is to abide in God’s love in such a way that he would inspire others to pursue God with reckless abandonment and that his life would burn so brightly that it would set countless others on fire for Jesus. He loves to share what God has done in his life and encourage others to live a life of complete surrender to Jesus Christ! He lives with his wife and sons Landon & Josiah, along with their daughter Glory in Columbus, GA.


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