Because You Give...One Man Met Jesus Before He Passed Away

 Into the night hours one Friday a month, Outreach volunteers head out to connect with those whom God loves in hotels, dance clubs, and the streets. Though often dimly lit, the group is recognized and welcomed with a smile. There’s anticipation in the smoky air as everyone greets each other and releases what they’ve been waiting to tell, to ask, to pray.

After years of getting to know each other & building trust and friendship, outreach leaders occasionally hear from people who want to stay connected or have a need. This was the case when a call came from a dancer, saying that the club’s doorman was near death from his battle with cancer. The dancer shared that he had unexpectedly made it through the night but asked if anyone from our team could come pray for him now while there was still time.

Outreach Coordinator Kristina McKenzie immediately rallied together five team members and headed over to his home where his family had gathered. With their assurance that he would be able to hear them, the team surrounded him and held his hand as they prayed a prayer of forgiveness and salvation. Hours later he passed away. The dancer let our team know how much the visit had meant to her and the family.

As believers, we respond to the urgency of the Lord’s prompting. Stopping everything on a Monday afternoon to offer a dying man the opportunity one final time to spend eternity with Jesus is a privilege to be celebrated!

It’s because you help make it possible for us to consistently go out that we were asked and privileged to go pray, touching a family in a special way.
We’d like to offer you the opportunity to come alongside more requests like this one by partnering with Take the City in its ministries. Our goal for the end of the year is $30,000… and, PRAISE GOD, we’re 70% there! 

Changing Lives. Reviving Communities.


TAKE THE CITY outreaches have been so special to me. I love being able to see the hand of GOD move in peoples lives as they are healed and families restored. GOD cares about every detail of our lives and he reaches the places that only HE can only heal! Its been an honor to see all the teams go out and share the LOVE that GOD has instilled and filled the teams with, and let it pour out to all the community. Having physical needs met also assures all we encounter, the faithfulness of our Father. So many times I have cried seeing what GOD is doing… Being able to see people brought into the KINGDOM and freedom Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body. Is the greatest treasure in my life. I am grateful for TAKE THE CITY allowing me to have front seat and seeing GOD move in peoples lives!

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