Childlike Faith – Take the City Testimony

Childlike Faith – Take the City Testimony

Childlike Faith – Take the City Testimony

Check out this quick testimony from our outreach in November! 

“We were on our way out of the neighborhood when we came across this one house. There were about 5 or 6 women sitting on the porch and about 5 kids running around in the front yard. We just HAD to stop. Right when we got out of the car and were walking up to them to hand out the Thanksgiving bags the kids came running and we were welcomed to join the women on the porch. As we were sitting on the porch this one woman shared she had been having problems with her knee. We shared of how the Lord had healed another woman’s knee earlier in the day when we prayed for her. She allowed me the opportunity to pray for her. As we started praying she began to get very excited and expressed that she could begin feeling something moving through her knee, healing it! She then voiced that it wasn’t just stopping at her knee, but that overall she could just feel the presence of something, the LORD. It was simply beautiful and incredibly joyful. We then continued praying for some of the other women. At one point we invited whoever wanted to, to pray for salvation. As we were praying I could hear the little children praying for salvation as well. I realized they had come up on the porch and surrounded us. No one instructed them to join us… they came on their own to pray!!! I was in awe of the Lord.”

“After that time of prayer one little girl asked me to pray for her grandmother who was ill with cancer. I was shocked. One, that the Lord would allow me this opportunity to pray for this type of healing specifically when in the past I have struggled with faith for this type of healing. Two, to be shown of true childlike faith. They saw the Lord’s healing take place in someone else’s life and wanted it for their own families lives as well. So right there, I sat with 4 little children and we all together prayed for their grandmother. Wow, what a humbling and challenging moment.” – Shannon White

Here is a video we took during this outreach:

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I have been serving in some way with Take the city since October 2013. I spent a lot of time on the prayer team in the beginning and encountered God’s heart for the city in a life changing way. When the teams came back and shared testimonies, it was always fun to see that our prayers coincided with some of their testimonies in special ways. More recently I have had the privilege of leading a team to a nursing home where I used to be an employee. I used to pray over the facility every day, and it was such a miracle to see an old friend who lives there give his life to Jesus on one of our outreaches a year later. God sure has a way of answering prayers. And Take the City is an answer to so many prayers that have gone up here.

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