The day I met Cindy I knew God had a special plan for her life. Little did I know that the journey ahead of us would be one of both heartbreaking and joy-filled moments.


First Meeting Cindy

I remember it clearly, the day we picked up Cindy from the Burger King downtown. This spunky small blonde girl with all her stuff in trash bags greeted us with a spark of hope in her eyes. She stayed with me in my apartment for three nights since we didn’t have a safe house at that time. During those three days, we shared our hearts and worshiped together for hours. I remember her weeping and encountering the Lord in such a radical way as I sang Reckless Love over her. I began to watch her destiny come to life. She was ministering to others at DRC, healing the sick, and ALWAYS praying. She was and still does live out the scripture “pray continuously” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). 


The Next Couple of Years

The next couple years, I saw her fall.. yet my belief in her destiny never quivered. I KNEW deep down she had roots that wouldn’t let the world win. Though Cindy would fall, she would get back up again.

I remember getting calls from her in jail. Cindy was having a hard time sleeping; we’d pray and sing Reckless Love together, both with tears streaming. God ALWAYS met Cindy and loved her tenderly where she was. I remember her connecting me with countless women in the jail with her, and I was able to help them because of her. She was always thinking about others even if she was hurting.

Although singing Reckless Love helped Cindy many times, there were other times where I felt incredibly inadequate and had no idea what to say. In these times, I would turn to the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to fill me and use me, and every time he would come through. 

You see, I found that discipleship is simply loving someone as He would love them. It’s a vital necessity to lean into Him and His heart, because it’s not our love that changed the world but His. 

One Street Outreach

I remember one street outreach. Our team was at a hotel off Victory Drive, and I see her. I remember embracing her once again even though I hadn’t heard from her in weeks. I held her tight, gave her a rose and hoped this wouldn’t be the last time. I choked through tears and said “Don’t push me away. I will always love you, and I’m always here for you no matter what.”

I could see shame gripping her as she walked away with a man I knew was manipulating her. She was so close and yet so far. Our team never stopped praying for her though; we never stopped believing in her and the promises God had for her. 


The Turning Point

The day where it all changed was on the floor of our Harvest House of Prayer. After almost losing her life at the grips of an abuser, Cindy wept before the Lord and surrendered it all.

Ever since then, Cindy has never been the same. The arms of the Father took her in close and to this day has not let her go. 

The only way out of bondage is surrender. And the only way to surrender is to encounter a love so sweet that you can’t resist it.


Cindy Today

Today, Cindy shines the love of Christ in a unique and beautiful way. She is now employed in Redeem and is helping many other women find their way to the feet of Jesus. 

Cindy’s story has already caused three women to reach out for help since the video’s release.

Take a moment and share her story so we can see many more women step into the freedom Jesus has for them. 


If you would like to be a part of helping women like Cindy be set free, sign up to volunteer at our Redeem initiative page.



TAKE THE CITY outreaches have been so special to me. I love being able to see the hand of GOD move in peoples lives as they are healed and families restored. GOD cares about every detail of our lives and he reaches the places that only HE can only heal! Its been an honor to see all the teams go out and share the LOVE that GOD has instilled and filled the teams with, and let it pour out to all the community. Having physical needs met also assures all we encounter, the faithfulness of our Father. So many times I have cried seeing what GOD is doing… Being able to see people brought into the KINGDOM and freedom Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body. Is the greatest treasure in my life. I am grateful for TAKE THE CITY allowing me to have front seat and seeing GOD move in peoples lives!

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