Community Outreach – Chattahoochee Valley

Community Outreach – Chattahoochee Valley

On Saturday August 17th, 2019, Columbus, Georgia reached sweltering degrees high in the 90s. This pushed our community outreach teams to look for places indoors to minister to people rather than going to their usual neighborhoods. The heat with humidity was enough to make someone pass out.

Thus our team of girls chose to go where most girls love to go: the mall. Rather than shopping for clothes, the women went shopping for souls. They kept their eyes and ears alert for whoever the Lord would send them to minister.

Right before they got to the mall, they had decided to stop at a gas station to buy slushees. While there, they met a man outside and ministered to him. When they got to the mall, they felt led to buy the man a couple of hotdogs. By the time they returned, the man was nowhere to be seen. They searched and searched for him and drove around for what felt like 15-20 minutes but could not find him. The Lord did not let their food go to waste, however; they went back to the gas station and walked around to the back. They found a man and son who lived behind the gas station and felt led to offer them the hotdogs. The dad looked up in surprise but took the hotdogs with gratefulness in his eyes. The women felt joyful as they walked away.

You never know where the Lord might send you. Keep your eyes and ears open. The Lord can use you just as powerfully in a mall as He can in the streets. Don’t limit God. These woman didn’t, and God used them to minister to several people in incredible ways.

If you would like to go out with us or get your church involved, contact Katherine Server at or call us at (706) 223- 5338.

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  1. Awesome testimony! We have to always keep our eyes and ears open for divine appointments, everywhere we go!


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Even with only 2 Take the City Outreaches under my belt, they have made such an impact in my own personal journey of faith, and others I have crossed paths with! The most special part to me is knowing that even if I meet someone and I never see them again, I know God has allowed me to touch their heart and plant a seed that I couldn’t have done sitting at home. I’m so thankful for this organization because it truly has allowed me to connect with others, with the goal of bringing them closer to Christ, while becoming closer with God myself at the same time.

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