Family on Mission: Integrating Faith and Family Life

Have you ever stopped to consider that many of the first disciples of Jesus likely had families? These early followers had to figure out how to integrate their family lives with their faith in Jesus. Today, modern disciples face a similar challenge, often trying to balance family and mission as separate entities. Thankfully, Jesus modeled a third and better way: family on mission.

In this episode, Andrew and Brandon discuss how we can lead our families to be committed to a life of prayer and work together to partner with God in fulfilling the Great Commission. They offer practical insights and encouragement for keeping our families focused on prayer and sharing the good news with others, truly embodying family on mission.

Integrating Family Life with Faith

The first disciples were ordinary people with families and everyday responsibilities. They had to navigate the complexities of integrating their faith with their family lives. Jesus’ call to follow Him wasn’t just a call to individuals but to households, inviting entire families into the mission of God. This holistic approach remains relevant today.

The Concept of Family on Mission

Rather than choosing between family and mission, the idea of family on mission integrates the two. It’s about making prayer, worship, and the Great Commission central to family life. Here are some practical ways to achieve this:

Cultivating a Life of Prayer as a Family

  1. Set a Regular Family Prayer Time: Establish a specific time each day or week for the family to come together in prayer. This could be in the morning, before bed, or during meals.
  2. Incorporate Worship: Include worship in your family routine. Play worship music, sing songs together, and create an atmosphere of praise and thanksgiving in your home.
  3. Pray for One Another: Encourage family members to share their prayer requests and pray for each other. This builds a supportive and spiritually nurturing environment.
  4. Teach and Model Prayer: Show your children how to pray by example. Let them see and hear you praying regularly and authentically.


Partnering with God in the Great Commission as a Family

  1. Serve Together: Look for opportunities to serve as a family, whether it’s through your church, community events, or mission trips. Serving together strengthens family bonds and exemplifies living out the gospel.
  2. Share Your Faith: Encourage family members to share their faith stories with others. This can be done in simple ways, like inviting neighbors over for dinner or participating in community outreach.
  3. Support Each Other’s Ministry: Recognize and support the unique gifts and callings within your family. Encourage each member to pursue their passion for ministry and find ways to support and participate in each other’s efforts.
  4. Create a Missional Culture at Home: Make your home a place where discussions about faith, mission, and service are commonplace. Encourage open dialogue about how each family member can contribute to God’s work.


Balancing Life: Practical Tips

Balancing family life and mission can be challenging, but here are some tips Andrew and Brandon share:

  1. Prioritize Together Time: Ensure that family time doesn’t get overshadowed by other commitments. Make it a priority to spend quality time together.
  2. Delegate and Share Responsibilities: Involve all family members in household chores and responsibilities, freeing up time for prayer and mission activities.
  3. Stay Flexible and Adaptable: Be open to adjusting schedules and plans as needed to accommodate both family needs and mission opportunities.
  4. Encourage and Uplift Each Other: Regularly affirm and support each other in both family and mission endeavors. Celebrate successes and provide encouragement during challenges.


Conclusion: A Call to Family on Mission

As we conclude this episode, Andrew and Brandon challenge us to consider how we can lead our families to be committed to a life of prayer and mission. Reflect on how you can integrate your family life with your faith, creating a dynamic and supportive environment where everyone can thrive spiritually and missionally.

Takeaway Question

How can you involve your family in prayer and mission this week, creating a true family on mission?

Stay tuned for the next episode in our series, where we will continue to explore practical ways to live out our faith and make an impact for the Kingdom of God.


My experience with the Take the City crew was like coming into a family.  Our team was welcomed in with open arms with like-hearted believers who love Jesus and have laid down their lives to serve the broken of the city! It was an honor to come alongside them, be welcomed into their homes, share meals, and experience the transformational work that God is doing in and through them to see His Kingdom come.
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