After two years of working on this film project, we are excited to announce the release of our upcoming film: Following the Footsteps! This non-profit feature film documentary is a gospel-centered project that follows a small group of pilgrims who walk together in the historic footsteps of Jesus. “Following the Footsteps” beautifully captures the Good News, as Jesus lived it out, and explores the impact that the Gospel still has on people today. We want as many people as possible to experience the tangible life of Jesus, to know Him personally, and to truly walk where He walked. We are excited to say that premiere screenings of the film are scheduled in four continents, eight countries, and nearly 70 locations. We are hoping for 100 screenings of the film by Palm Sunday weekend.


Bob and Pam Rognlien lived in the Old City of Jerusalem in 1989-90 where Bob was conducting post-graduate studies in New Testament archaeology and sociology at the Ecole Biblique et Archeologique. Watching tourists come and go past their front door everyday made them realize a typical Holy Land tour misses much of the actual history and culture that illuminates the Way of Jesus. For that reason Bob began to design a unique kind of experience that would go off the beaten track to focus on the most imporant and authentic sites to help people encounter the real Jesus more powerfully. 

For over thirty years now we have been leading this historically-informed, spiritually-focused pilgrimage based on the life of Jesus and have seen it literally change many hundreds of lives, as it has changed ours. Knowing that many people can’t afford the time or money, or can’t physically make such a trip, we felt called to create a documentary film that would convey a taste of this unique experience to those who would watch it. 

Our dear friends and ministry leaders, Andrew and Ellen Chalmers share our passion for the real Jesus and the land where he carried out his mission. Andrew is also a gifted filmmaker. In answer to our prayers the Chalmers family came with us on two Footsteps of Jesus pilgrimages and Andrew filmed everything we did and said. From that mountain of footage Andrew and his team have forged a moving and powerful film. “Following the Footsteps” is our gift to you. It is also an invitation to explore the Way of Jesus further by listening to a podcast, reading a book, taking a video course, joining a small group study, or coming on a trip with one of our trained leaders. 

Our prayer is that your life will be changed, as ours have, by coming closer to the real Jesus.

Two non-profit ministries have teamed up to create this beautiful film that introduces viewers to the “real” Jesus and invites them to get to know him better and follow him more closely. 

We shot and produced the film on a shoe-string with the help of our friends. Now we want people to actually see the film, so that they might want to draw closer to Jesus. 

Would you help us get this free film out to as many people as possible? Click to donate any amount. Thank you!

Explore the Journey of “Following the Footsteps”: 

A Deep Dive into Jesus’ World

Join us on an unforgettable spiritual pilgrimage in our feature-length documentary, “Following the Footsteps,” led by Bob and Pam Rognlien. Bob’s passion for uncovering the authentic history and culture of Jesus’ life began during their residency in the Old City of Jerusalem in 1989-90, where he pursued post-graduate studies in New Testament archaeology and sociology at the Ecole Biblique et Archeologique.

Unveiling the Authentic Way of Jesus

Watching daily tourists pass by their doorstep in Jerusalem inspired Bob and Pam to design a pilgrimage that goes beyond typical Holy Land tours. For over thirty years, they have led historically-informed, spiritually-focused journeys centered on the life of Jesus, transforming countless lives with deeper encounters of the real Jesus in his cultural context.

From Pilgrimage to Film

Recognizing the barriers of time, cost, and physical ability that prevent many from experiencing these journeys firsthand, Bob and Pam felt called to create “Following the Footsteps.” This documentary film captures the essence of their transformative pilgrimages, offering viewers a taste of the profound encounters with Jesus and his world.

Our Gift to You

Filmed by Andrew Chalmers and his dedicated team, “Following the Footsteps” is not just a documentary but a heartfelt invitation to explore the Way of Jesus further. Whether through podcasts, books, video courses, small group studies, or future pilgrimages led by trained leaders, we invite you to continue your journey of discovery and transformation.

Join Us!

We invite you to join us for a free screening of “Following the Footsteps” and consider hosting a Watch Party after Easter. It’s an opportunity to delve deeper into Jesus’ life with friends and neighbors, using our provided discussion starters to foster meaningful conversations.

Exciting Announcement!

We’re thrilled to announce that “Following the Footsteps” will soon be available on Amazon Prime! Stay tuned for the official release date and enjoy this enriching journey from the comfort of your home.

Discover more about “Following the Footsteps” and stay updated on our release: Following the Footsteps

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