Harvest Coffee & House of Prayer

Harvest Coffee & House of Prayer

Our team has been dreaming for years about one day having a coffee shop and house of prayer that would be open to the community. These past few months we have experienced a huge miracle! God has made a way to take this dream forward and make it a reality!

Our ministry was birthed in a prayer meeting. In 2013 we were a part of prayer meetings being held at the Chattahoochee Valley house of prayer with people from various churches; together with this group we launched outreaches into our city. Since 2013 we’ve continued hosting a Friday night prayer meeting once per month, every month, without stopping. Our ministry is evangelistic but is also very much rooted in the worship and prayer movement.

We wanted to let everyone know that by January 2020 we hope to have a fully operating coffee shop and prayer room here at our building off 2nd Avenue. Our dream is to have a place that people can come to find community, a good cup of coffee and a place to pray and seek God. We plan to be open morning, noon and night six days a week and will feature live worship and prayer meetings each day that people can come to.

We will have an amazing menu offered. We plan to have a full range of espresso drinks. Every day we will have fresh coffee from fair-trade coffee roasters. For food items, we will have ice cream and pastries available. The thing I am most excited about is being able to offer an affogato, which is a mixture of ice-cream and espresso!

Hanging out where our coffee bar will be

How to get involved

If you’re interested in getting involved with the coffee house or prayer room, we would love to hear from you! We’re looking to find 20-30 singers and musicians that would be willing to commit to coming to minister before the Lord each week for a one or two-hour block. Also, we’re looking for 20-30 intercessors and prayer warriors to come to pray for 1-2 hours. Our vision is constant prayer and worship each morning, noon and night!

Please email us at info@take-the-city.com if you want to get involved in any way!

Coffee Shop seating area

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  1. That’s exciting Andrew!
    I’ll definitely be stopping by from time to time! Thanks for your persistence in the things of the kingdom! You’re an inspiration! Love you brother!


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Take the City has had a huge impact on me and my daughter. When God led me from one place, this door was wide opened. I had the great ability to experience more of God and see the signs that follow them that believed. *Mark 16:17-20*

The people I've met have showed soooooo much love to us and I'm grateful for that. Not only do they teach on truth, but they walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and encourage others around them to do so also!
God has also allowed me to be a part of a ministry as well.
I want to say thank you thank you God first and thank you to Take the City!!❤
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