Harvest Coffee in the midst of COVID19

Harvest Coffee in the midst of COVID19

Harvest Coffee in the midst of COVID19

During this pandemic and crisis for our nation and world, Harvest Coffee Co has put the efforts to help in overdrive! Immediately, our employees responded to needy families in our community, who with job loss, were in need of food and other supplies. Through all sorts of goods and monetary donations from businesses and friends in the area, we were able to provide for 300 families to have enough food for an entire week! We hosted a food drive outside of Harvest Coffee where people drove through and all received a box for a week’s worth of food as well as prayer as they went on their way! Many were touched, some cried, and all were blessed with some needed supplies for this time! 

Since our initial food drive, we have been able to pass out food boxes to another couple hundred people, and even now, we still have leftover funds and supplies and are packing more boxes to give out! The community has come in to support like we could have never imagined or hoped for! We are truly grateful!

We have also been hard at work to respond to the crisis through faith and encouraging the body of Christ to believe for healing and a touch from God on our world! We have released a video that directly prays for those who have contracted COVID-19 and believe for their healing! Through this, we have seen many actually healed from COVID-19 as well as some who had other issues and just happened to watch it.  The community has even gotten behind this, and people have donated over a thousand dollars to help boost the video! We are so excited for the faith that is rising in our world, and we believe that as these testimonies rise, hundreds of thousands will begin to be healed and saved! One lady was healed after watching the video and then gave her life to Jesus as a result!

If you would like to get involved with the food boxes for families, there is still a need! Email jonathan@take-the-city.com with any food donations you would like to drop by or give monetary donations HERE. Simply write “Box Meals Outreach” in the notes section.

If you would like to help with the healing side please share the video by following this link. If you would like to give to that, email jonathan@take-the-city.com!

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My first encounter with Take the City was going to Wilson Apartments in Columbus GA. We were met by a man from that neighborhood who prayed with us before we began the outreach. We set up an area for the kids to play and others went door to door witnessing and praying for people. It truly was a humbling experience. Another time I got to pray at an abortion clinic which was another humbling experience. The worship services the night before are always dynamic and spirit led. However I will conclude with the best part for me was being an eight week participant of Take the City boot camp. All of the leaders were simply AWESOME and I learned so much during those eight weeks. I thank God for all these wonderful opportunities!

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