Harvest House of Prayer - April Update

It is always amazing to see how each initiative at Take the City affects all the others. This month at Harvest House of Prayer my greatest joy has been seeing God use our prayer room as an entryway into other areas of our ministry. Two people come to mind in particular.

One day, two people came to our prayer room and loved it. As they looked around, they quickly realized there was more to Take the City than just prayer and worship. Not long after coming, they joined our monthly outreach and found a passion for evangelism they didn’t know that they had.

Another highlight was this month’s Harvest Night. While the attendance wasn’t as high as normal, there were many new connections formed. We had 15 churches, 2 new ministries, and 10 new people in attendance. Two of these individuals were folks we know in the neighborhood who have never stepped foot into a worship service at our facility. I took this as a great sign that we are seeing fresh breakthroughs in our evangelism and discipleship efforts!

Our next Harvest Night is May 19th and we would love to see you there! Doors open at 6:30pm so make sure you mark your calendars!

–Brandon McKenzie, Harvest of Prayer Coordinator


My first encounter with Take the City was going to Wilson Apartments in Columbus GA. We were met by a man from that neighborhood who prayed with us before we began the outreach. We set up an area for the kids to play and others went door to door witnessing and praying for people. It truly was a humbling experience. Another time I got to pray at an abortion clinic which was another humbling experience. The worship services the night before are always dynamic and spirit led. However I will conclude with the best part for me was being an eight week participant of Take the City boot camp. All of the leaders were simply AWESOME and I learned so much during those eight weeks. I thank God for all these wonderful opportunities!

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