HHOP - Reflecting on February and March

February and March of 2022 were incredible months for the Harvest House of Prayer. We saw an average of 30 hours of live worship and intercession in our prayer room. We added an additional staff member, Lucas Sheppard, who has helped tremendously in overseeing the evening prayer sets. We’ve also begun to form a core group of leaders who are completely bought into the vision of hosting Jesus through perpetual worship and prayer in the Chattahoochee Valley. In addition to all of this, here are three key highlights for the months of February and March.

First Harvest Night of the Year

On February 17th we hosted our first Harvest Night of 2022. I love these nights so much because of the amazing unity I witness. Every third Thursday people come from all over our region, from many different churches and backgrounds, in one accord, to worship the Lord and pray for our city together. 

This Harvest Night was particularly beautiful. JJ Harrison did an incredible job leading us in worship, and there was great interaction and engagement during the prayer segment at the end of the night. A total of 50 people were in attendance, but it felt like 500! Every voice was raised, singing songs to the Lord as the Holy Spirit moved among us. We came in total unity. Everything felt so effortless and graceful. All of the volunteers did a wonderful job serving. I am so excited for our next Harvest Night, April 21st! I believe these nights are only going to get better and better each month, so make sure you save the date!

The Culture of Prayer Conference

From February 25-26 we hosted our first ever Culture of Prayer Conference. Over 40 people were in attendance as we gathered to hear from Brad Stroup from the Dallas Prayer Room. Brad did an outstanding job laying out the Biblical narrative for the role of night-and-day prayer in the end-time church before the return of Christ. My heart was filled with vision as he even walked us through the prayer movement all throughout church history, and how it has exploded in recent years.

As I’ve been debriefing with people about this conference, I really sense that people were deeply impacted by the realization that this house of prayer is not just a cool idea or a trendy fad- it’s God’s idea! My prayer is that God would raise up many more prayer initiatives, even beyond our own, to shake Columbus with the power of worship and intercession.

HHOP Core Leadership Team

In the month of March we have really been focusing on ways to develop community within the house of prayer. A core leadership team is being developed here and we held our first monthly house gathering in early March. As we were all fellowshipping together and talking about all God is doing through the house of prayer, my heart was filled with gratitude for allowing me to lead such an incredible ministry and to be able to build the kingdom with some of the best people I know.

Do you want to become a part of our community here at HHOP? We are always looking for help in building and sustaining this 40 hour wall of prayer. We would love to have you join our team! Email us at hhop@take-the-city.com and we can get you plugged in


Take the City has had a huge impact on me and my daughter. When God led me from one place, this door was wide opened. I had the great ability to experience more of God and see the signs that follow them that believed. *Mark 16:17-20*

The people I've met have showed soooooo much love to us and I'm grateful for that. Not only do they teach on truth, but they walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and encourage others around them to do so also!
God has also allowed me to be a part of a ministry as well.
I want to say thank you thank you God first and thank you to Take the City!!❤
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