Local Brothel Encounters Jesus!

Local Brothel Encounters Jesus!

Redeem is an initiative of Take the City to see the end of commercial sexual exploitation. This is a testimony that happened recently. If you would like to get involved with the Redeem outreaches, cultural reformation initiative, or Beautifully Made to rescue, employ, and empower trafficking survivors please contact us. Email- redeem@take-the-city.com
Local Brothel Encounters Jesus!

We have seen incredible progress and many ladies reach freedom and get off of the streets! However, recently we were able to do something that has to ranked up there with the most incredible things we have been able to do since our beginning! We found a lady on street outreach that admitted she lives in a house where prostitution is actively facilitated. She encountered Jesus through our team so strongly that she invited us to come to her house on another day and share Jesus with everyone there! So, we were able to go visit and immediately encountered the trafficker. We got to pray for him and Instantaneously,  the presence of God came on that porch and healed this man’s knee! We are going to be visiting this Brothel a few times a month to see the power of Jesus transform these precious lives. Jesus is in these places of torment and agony but he is transforming lives!


  1. So often we find ourselves sitting on are hands. To afraid to share the love of Jesus. Or to afraid of where he has called us to minister. Or we are so absorbed in ourselves that we have made Jesus “ours”. Unwilling to let someone share in that joy. This is only one of the awesome things that Jesus is doing in our city. We are commanded to go and tell, when we submit to the call on our lives Jesus shows up in a mighty way!

    • So good Kory! Thanks for sharing!


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Even with only 2 Take the City Outreaches under my belt, they have made such an impact in my own personal journey of faith, and others I have crossed paths with! The most special part to me is knowing that even if I meet someone and I never see them again, I know God has allowed me to touch their heart and plant a seed that I couldn’t have done sitting at home. I’m so thankful for this organization because it truly has allowed me to connect with others, with the goal of bringing them closer to Christ, while becoming closer with God myself at the same time.

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