Harvest Day - Long Term Impact

During our monthly Saturday outreach, I had the chance to partner with George Pfannschmidt and his team at Anderson Park. When I arrived, the team already had a tent set up with chips, chili dogs, and goodie bags and were ministering to two ladies. 

Before we began to pray, one of the women shared that she knew Cindy, the coordinator of our Redeem boutique. The woman shared how thankful she was that Cindy had given her clothes when she had nothing other than what she was wearing. Overcome with gratitude, we began praying for her and the second lady. At that moment, two more people walked up… one of whom had a very familiar face.

One of them, Tina, said that we had met several years earlier at a Bible study in Andrew and Ellen Chalmers’ home. She beamed with pride as she remembered and shared that her son would volunteer to say the main Scripture from the Bible Study that he knew from memory. I rejoiced that their time spent with Andrew and Ellen had left such a positive and long-term impact.

Many times, we do not know the impact of how our simple actions can bless someone else. We may just be doing what we always do– giving someone clothes, inviting people into our home to study the Bible, or even simply asking how someone’s day is going. One simple step of faith may very well be the act of Jesus that another person needs to thrive. Leave the results up to God. 

-Katherine Server, Local Outreach Director


My experience with the Take the City crew was like coming into a family.  Our team was welcomed in with open arms with like-hearted believers who love Jesus and have laid down their lives to serve the broken of the city! It was an honor to come alongside them, be welcomed into their homes, share meals, and experience the transformational work that God is doing in and through them to see His Kingdom come.
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