New Covenant Reality

New Covenant Reality

Have you ever wondered more of what the term “New Covenant” from the Bible really means? In this series of videos, we will explore the reality of the New Covenant from the Bible!

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When Jesus was having the last supper with His disciples, he raised a cup of wine and said that this wine of a symbol of the New Covenant that was paid for in His blood. We will explore more about why Jesus said this as they took communion and where the term “New Covenant” comes from in the Bible. We will dig into some of the old testament examples of the covenant. Then we will look more closely into the story of Israel and some of the promises given to Israel concerning the New Covenant. After we look at those promises, we will explore how Jesus came to initiate this New Covenant and how this affected the lives of his early followers. Finally, in the conclusion of this series, we look at how this incredible new covenant reality can affect our daily lives.

The beautiful reality of the New Covenant is that our hearts and minds are made totally new when we enter into a covenantal relationship with God through Jesus Christ! We no longer have to strive to be good or to measure up to a standard. Instead, because of God’s grace and the work of His Holy Spirit we are transformed into His likeness and are given His desires. As we are transformed by this new reality, the destructive effects of our disobedience are removed as we begin to obey God and submit to His ways. We don’t walk in obedience in order to be saved, but rather once we are saved by His grace, we should walk in obedience as a demonstration of the work of His grace in our lives. As we walk in obedience, then we can experience the blessings of God in every area of our lives and the beautiful reality of the New Covenant that Jesus paid for with His blood.

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