Occupy Intern Rises! Woman Set Free and Delivered!

Occupy Intern Rises! Woman Set Free and Delivered!

Occupy Intern Rises! Woman Set Free and Delivered!

On Saturday October 22nd, 136 people from different churches and backgrounds gathered together in unified prayer to reach Columbus and Phenix City with the love of Christ. Towards the end of the event, the group broke up into 12 teams and each team was sent out into targeted locations all over the city.  One group was led by Hannah Hutchens, an Occupy intern from this past summer.

Even though it was her first time leading a team, Hannah was confident and excited. As she and her team walked around Columbus, they came upon a woman raking leaves behind a church. Enthusiastically, Hannah said “Let’s go talk to her!” However, Hannah’s group had reservations. To them, the woman looked kind of shady and they didn’t want to reach out to her. The thought of talking to her made them uneasy. To their dismay, Hannah would not be dissuaded. She said, “Come on! Let’s go talk to her!” The group followed her across the street. Hannah introduced herself to the woman and asked if she could pray for her. The woman replied with “sure. whatever.” Hannah preceded to pray and the Lord filled her words with specific things the woman needed to hear. As Hannah prayed, the woman began to cry and said, “I want to turn to the Lord. I want to give up all my drugs and turn all of it over to Him.” Hannah led her through a prayer of salvation. When they finished, the woman looked up with joy and said, “when you guys walked up, I was about to go get high, but since yall prayed for me and I accepted Jesus into my heart, I have absolutely no desire for that anymore!!!” The whole team stood in awe and amazement at what the Lord had just done in her life.

“When God is for you? Who can be against you?”- Romans 8:31

Isn’t it wonderful how God can show up when we choose to face uncertainty by stepping out in love and faith?  Hannah and her team stepped out in faith and were able to see God move in such a powerful way! To God be the Glory forever and ever.

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  1. Amen!i want to learn more about this program.it sounds like a much needed effort and one i would like to be a part of.god is real and this project is proof!!


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