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When I first moved to Columbus, GA in 2013, I noticed so many incredible things about our beautiful city. I saw all the changes and improvements that were happening and the reclaiming of the uptown area. As we began doing our Take the City outreaches, I also started noticing some areas in our city that were still in desperate need of love.


As we began reaching out and sharing the gospel in various neighborhoods, I started to have a burden for many areas of our city. I even started meeting with city officials to ask them more about these various areas of need and how we could do more to help improve them. That’s when I began to dream, what would it look like if we could renovate abandoned homes in these areas in our city with the goal of moving mission-minded Christians into them, to serve as beacons of light and hope? What an idea that would be!


This dream, I figured, was 5-10 years down the road. The Lord had other plans. He gave us our very first home in Bradley Circle in Spring of 2017. That first home donation ended up leading to another 27 homes that were all donated to our ministry before the year of 2017 was over. We didn’t ask for any of these houses but all of them were brought to us. It was as if the Lord was wanting to be sure we knew that this was HIS idea and not ours. 

The Lord continued to move, and we began to renovate homes and move families into Young Ave, North Highland and the East Highland community. Most recently, due to the generous donations of time, labor, and finances, we have finally finished our 5th home in the Southside on Garden Drive. This area, by far, is the neighborhood with the greatest amount of need. Just a week ago, as I was getting out of my car, I found a gun shell casing by my foot. There are frequent gang related shootings and murders just within a few blocks of this home. This area needs SO much transformation! 

New Missionary – Garden Drive

We are so excited to announce that we have finally completed this project in Garden Drive and that the Lord has sent a man from Atlanta named Trevor McGill to serve in this Project Lifehouse home. He arrived at the end of 2021 and has already made several connections and led a team of men and women from Take the City to minister and pray for people in his neighborhood. He also just shared a few days ago that since he began interceding for his neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods, the number of shootings at night has decreased dramatically. There is NOTHING that our God cannot do! 

Partner with us in covering Trevor McGill in prayer. If you would enjoy serving alongside him on outreach to his neighborhood, feel free to email him at

Thank you for all your support!

-Andrew Chalmers, Founder of Take the City

Melissa – YWAM Boston

“Getting to be a part of Take the City was such a blessing both in seeing how God moved in the lives of the people I met as well as how he moved in my heart. I was so encouraged to be surrounded by people willing to passionately pray for their city and the people in it. As we worshipped, people would stop and ask what was going on and we got to talk and pray with them. I felt a greater desire to pray for our nation grow in me as we sang and prayed together.”

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