Project Lifehouse - Stories from the Stewarts

Neighborly Love

Mason and Meghan Stewart have served in the Bradley Circle neighborhood as missionaries for a little over a year. They have been able to connect with their neighbors by providing meals and cookies, sharing lawn equipment, and offering car rides as often as they can. The connections have paved the way for Meghan and Mason to pray and share Jesus with several neighbors as many have gone through hard times recently. One neighbor has really opened up, and Mason and Meghan are encouraging more comfort and healing by getting them connected with Celebrate Recovery.

Another powerful way the connections have made a difference is the fellowship the Stewarts have had with one woman in their neighborhood. MercyMed reached out to Meghan and Mason saying that they had a job opening. They wanted to especially partner with their work in the community and see if they could help out one of the neighbors that Mason and Meghan served. One such woman filled out the application, interviewed, and now has a steady, reliable job where she is surrounded by believers. The Lord is so good!

Garden and Family Outings

In other news, Meghan and Mason have also served faithfully in the upkeep of the community garden, which has blessed several neighbors. Along with their kids, Meghan and Mason had the joy of going around the neighborhood and passing out tons of green beans, tomatoes, kale, and zucchini.

Recently, one of their neighbors stopped his car and told Meghan that it just blessed him to see Meghan and her family out and about, doing life together. This in turn was a blessing to Meghan, remembering that God speaks through the small and ordinary moments of life.

Powerful Porch Encounter

Another seemingly ordinary moment turned into a powerful encounter as Meghan noticed a man wandering around the neighborhood in the heat. She invited him to rest on their porch and shared some water and food with him. The man sat down and remarked on the peace that he felt as he sat there. He was encountering the peace of Jesus even if he did not realize it.

After a while, the man stood up. As he began thanking Meghan, he told her that he was grateful that “a white woman wasn’t afraid of a black man like me.” It broke Meghan’s heart that he had to experience injustice, but she assured him that he was welcome on their porch any time. Meghan was encouraged to see how God heals wounds even through very small acts of love and generosity.

Please pray for Mason and Meghan as they continue to shine God’s light in their neighborhood.

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I have been serving in some way with Take the city since October 2013. I spent a lot of time on the prayer team in the beginning and encountered God’s heart for the city in a life changing way. When the teams came back and shared testimonies, it was always fun to see that our prayers coincided with some of their testimonies in special ways. More recently I have had the privilege of leading a team to a nursing home where I used to be an employee. I used to pray over the facility every day, and it was such a miracle to see an old friend who lives there give his life to Jesus on one of our outreaches a year later. God sure has a way of answering prayers. And Take the City is an answer to so many prayers that have gone up here.

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