The Discover Bible Study

Format of a Discover Bible Study (DBS)

  1. Connect

Every DBS should begin with a brief check-in. This is an informal time of connection that will look different for every group. Every connect portion of a DBS should include practicing accountability.

“Accountability” doesn’t just refer to confessing sins; in the context of a DBS, it involves checking in to see if every group member was faithful to do what they said they would do in the last DBS meeting.

Next, the group should begin the study portion of the DBS with prayer.

  2.  Study of Scriptures

The best DBS includes a relatively short passage of Scripture that is easy to understand for new believers. The passage you choose will ideally have a clear action response associated with it. Choose one group member to read the passage once, another member to read the passage a second time, and a third member to summarize the passage in their own words.

  1. Discussion

These questions are included in every DBS.

“What does this passage tell us about God?”

“What does this passage tell us about people?”

After each member has had a chance to discuss these questions, the meeting should conclude with these two questions:

What should I do in response?”


Who can I tell?”

The response portion of a DBS is referred to as a Kairos moment. The group should pray, asking the Holy Spirit what action they should each take in response to the passage. Finally, each member should be encouraged to share what they have learned with someone in their life.