Recent Local Trafficked Victim Rescued by Redeem During Our WAR Weekend!

Recent Local Trafficked Victim Rescued by Redeem During Our WAR Weekend!

Redeem rented out a local hotel and did constant worship, prayer, and outreach for a whole weekend! Our online team conducted an online outreach and was able to reach a girl that was living in a hotel down the street with her 6 year-old son! We will call her Chelsea to conceal her identity. Chelsea’s story goes like this: Chelsea was just 5 years-old when her mom went to prison. After moving in with her Aunt, Chelsea was raped by her cousin everyday for the next 8 years. Her mom got out of prison and when Chelsea was just 17 years-old her mom started pimping her out for money. She was still living in the life of trafficking at 25 when she asked us to help her and her 6 year-old son. Redeem team was able to get her into a safe home and get her son to a safe place with Chelsea’s sister. Chelsea is still having a hard time battling the years of manipulation that kept her in that lifestyle. Please keep her in your prayers!


  1. Thank you for your efforts in saving these two lives. I am praising God with you this morning.

  2. To GOD be all the PRAISE. Thank you for being BRAVE Redeem and recovering the LOST.


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Even with only 2 Take the City Outreaches under my belt, they have made such an impact in my own personal journey of faith, and others I have crossed paths with! The most special part to me is knowing that even if I meet someone and I never see them again, I know God has allowed me to touch their heart and plant a seed that I couldn’t have done sitting at home. I’m so thankful for this organization because it truly has allowed me to connect with others, with the goal of bringing them closer to Christ, while becoming closer with God myself at the same time.

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