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Facts about Sex Trafficking


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The Sex trafficking industry brings in $150 Billion per year worldwide

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22,326 victims and survivors in the US were identified in 2019

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Georgia had the 7th highest human trafficking cases in the U.S. - August 2018

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This is a REAL ISSUE...

The greatest injustice is those unreached with the hope of the gospel. The reality of this issue is that millions are being enslaved and are in desperate need of the Healer.  We believe that Jesus is placing a burning on the hearts of His children to go and reach this unreached people group. The church should be the first responders to a crisis such a this. About 98 percent of women in prostitution, have a trafficker. There is no little girl that said “prostitution” would be her dream job. We believe God desires for his daughters to come home and to be made new again. 

“The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is upon me, for the LORD has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted and to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed.” Isaiah 61:1

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Common Questions about Trafficking

What is human trafficking ?

Human trafficking is the use of force, coercian or fraud to obtain some type of labor or sexual act.

Who is most likely to become a victim of trafficking ?

Anyone can become subject to being trafficked yet the biggest risk factors are substance use, being a runaway, homelessness, poverty, mental health concerns, and prior history of abuse. 

Why doesnt the victim just run away ?

Many times, the victim is psychologically manipulated into this lifestyle. They can be bound by fear of leaving due to familial or personal threats or they could even develop stockholm syndrome  with their captor. In every situation there is a level of trauma that dibilitates the ability to make the decision to run.

Is it really happening in my city ?

The answer most likely is yes. Human trafficking is within every nation and America is one of the top nations for human trafficking. It is happening in rich and impoverished neighborhoods. 

How do I know what a victim of trafficking looks like?

A victim of trafficking can vary but most of them will not have any personal items on themselves, may look like they havent showered, wont look you in the eyes, and may be under the influence of drugs. If you suspect they are in the life of trafficking, engage with them and ask if they need help, have the human trafficking hotline number availble to give them. 

What Can i do to help?

There are many ways you can join the fihgt to ending human trafficking. To name a few, you can vote for bills that aid victims, donate and volunteer at organizations that are helping these victims, you can create gift bags to give out, and you can share with you friends about whats happening in America & encourage them to get involved!

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Take the City has had a huge impact on me and my daughter. When God led me from one place, this door was wide opened. I had the great ability to experience more of God and see the signs that follow them that believed. *Mark 16:17-20*

The people I've met have showed soooooo much love to us and I'm grateful for that. Not only do they teach on truth, but they walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and encourage others around them to do so also!
God has also allowed me to be a part of a ministry as well.
I want to say thank you thank you God first and thank you to Take the City!!❤