Redeem Outreach – A Touch from Jesus

Redeem Outreach – A Touch from Jesus

There are many different ways to minister to women in the life of sexual exploitation. Beyond outreaches to hotels and strip clubs, several of our women volunteers minister to those in the life of prostitution through online ministry. Through advertisements on various websites, our volunteers will identify ladies who are selling themselves and will simply text them and try to start a conversation with them. While some women only reply a couple times, others will reply back and forth with our volunteers many times. The following is a testimony of one such woman who was greatly moved by our online outreach.

Kathryn Guthrie, one of our volunteers in the Opelika area, reached out to a girl online. They carried back and forth for quite some time. Kathryn learned a little about her life and situation and began to pray for her.

Just a couple months later, Kathryn and a team of 14-15 people spent the night in a local hotel to pray for women to be set free from the bondage of the sex trade and to share the Gospel with them. Kathryn Guthrie and her team entered into a time of worship. As the music began, a beautiful song reached the ears of a woman in the room above. Her heart began to soften, and she texted Kathryn and asked if she could come down and join them. This was the same girl that Kathryn had been texting with and praying for. As the girl came into the room, she let go and openly wept. As she lay in Kathryn’s arms, Jesus ministered His love to her. She felt love, comfort, and joy — things she hadn’t experienced in a long time.

These women in homes and hotels in Opelika and Columbus, GA need a touch from Jesus. They need to know that Jesus loves them, and that they are not too far gone to be Loved by Him. Join us in prayer as we continue to reach out to her and sisters like her who need the Hope we have in Jesus.

If you would to be involved in this ministry in any way, please email Jessica Cronin at

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  1. Good Evening
    Please I will like to be a volunteer for outreaches. But I don’t have the permission to fill the volunteer form. I am interested in the upcoming September 18th outreach and more to come. Thank you.


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