Redeem - Renovation are Under Way!

All Money Raised!

Redeem is very happy to announce that our luncheon raised all the funds we were needing to remodel our clothing closet into a boutique for ladies in our community! Renovations began this past month and are continuing. We plan to have a big Grand Opening once The Beautiful Exchange is fully ready for the ladies.

April Outreach Recap

Our April outreach went really well. We had 18 volunteers go out and hit the streets of Columbus and Phenix City! We passed out care bags and roses, and there were many powerful encounters! We were able to help a husband and wife who were sleeping in their car find safe housing. One of our ladies celebrated one year of sobriety and stability after years of addiction and homelessness! We were also able to pray with multiple ladies and had three salvations!

Mother’s Day Outreach

This past Friday, we received many blessings. Praise Ministry Tabernacle catered our dinner for our volunteers. We received a very powerful teaching on the prophetic gift by guest speaker Mariel Villarreal. Church of the Highlands put together many Mother’s day gifts for us to give out to the ladies.

When we went out, we were able to minister to 25-30 people and have extensive ministry time with several ladies that are usually one-minute encounters! We are glorifying Jesus for all He has done!

If you would like to come out on one of our Friday night outreaches, please email


I learned about Take The City through a young lady at our church about 5 years ago and after going on my first outreach, I was HOOKED. I fell in love with the family environment, organic evangelism, and genuine love that I experience here.  The training, connections, and opportunities that I’ve been blessed with here have been nothing short of life-changing!  God bless my TTC family.
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