“We believe we will see every life in and around the sex industry freed, healed, and transformed. We will not stop until it is done!”
— Jonathan Cronin

Sex-trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world! In a study done from 1967-1999 the rate of death among prostitutes and those who managed to get out is 200 times higher than those of the same race and age– Potterat et, al. (nobullying.com). Understanding the inseparable ties of sex trafficking and prostitution, each day Redeem is working through research, texting outreaches, target area outreaches, community relations/partnerships, hotline, social media, creative team, mentoring, and most importantly prayer to see hope come to the hopeless and the hurting involved in commercial sexual exploitation. With plans to also reach out to the men involved and perpetrating, the Redeem team has a mission from the Lord to see every life in and around this issue completely transformed, not just in our city but eventually in the nations!

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Here’s how you can join in the fight!



We have weekly community prayer for this but in your daily life, a regular commitment to faith-filled intercession is vital and you can join our intercession team today! Come pray with us to see every life redeemed.

7:30am – Thursdays

15 West 10th Street Cols, GA 31901


If any of the things mentioned above are things you would like to do please contact us! Also, know that any gift or talent can be used to help. (Ex. painting can be done to give out to victims or therapy for victims to do. Singing is a beautiful thing to be used in events or with victims.) To volunteer please click here and fill out the online application form.


We urgently need more monthly donors to continue doing what we do and to grow in impact. One-time gifts are needed as well. Sign up for our emails for more info on financial needs. TO GIVE CLICK HERE, BUT make sure to unclick “You’re gift is recurring” to make a one-time gift.

And here is our plan of action

Phase 1 (2017) - Build/Connect

  1. Build teams- Biweekly teams to streets, online solicitation.
  2. Train core team- Trainings for leaders in specific outreach areas with different ministries’ programs.
  3. Raise support and partners – individuals, Church/business engagements

Phase 2 (2018) – Grow

  1. Grow to 200 more team members, more community prayer, leaders, and community awareness days.
  2. Sustainability effort.  (Key necklaces through creative team)
  3. Grow monthly support to add new outreach initiatives (sex buyers, men involved, parlors) .

Phase 3 (2019) – Add

  1. Add to rescue house program to include more ministry and discipleship
  2. Add new outreach designations – Parlors, schools, etc.
  3. Add staff to plant Redeem initiatives in other cities/ countries.

 Call our HELP-LINE 706-251-8400 if you need help!

Or, for General Inquiries call 706-223-5338! 


$600- covers all Outreach expenses for 1 Month!

$1,200- covers all Ministry expenses for 1 Month!

$4,200- covers all staffing and all Ministry expenses for 1 Month!

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I have been serving in some way with Take the city since October 2013. I spent a lot of time on the prayer team in the beginning and encountered God’s heart for the city in a life changing way. When the teams came back and shared testimonies, it was always fun to see that our prayers coincided with some of their testimonies in special ways. More recently I have had the privilege of leading a team to a nursing home where I used to be an employee. I used to pray over the facility every day, and it was such a miracle to see an old friend who lives there give his life to Jesus on one of our outreaches a year later. God sure has a way of answering prayers. And Take the City is an answer to so many prayers that have gone up here.