Rights of Royal Sons and Daughters

Rights of Royal Sons and Daughters

Rights of Royal Sons and Daughters


Jesus came as the ultimate expression of who the Father is and what He is like. When we look at Jesus we see the Father’s heart revealed. Jesus came to not only reveal the father to us but also to become a bridge for us to enter into His family. Because of our sins we were separated from God and were at enmity with Him. Jesus made it possible for us to be adopted into His heavenly royal family forever. Let’s explore just a few of the implications for us who make the choice to put our faith in Christ and believe in Him.

John 1:1-18

While there are many incredible truths about how we are forever affected by this right we now have through Jesus to become sons and daughters we are just going to look at three.


  • A Place in the Father’s house forever – John 14:1-2
    1. We don’t have to fear death any longer
    2. We have a place with the Father forever in heaven because of Jesus
    3. Royal sons and daughters have a hope of an incomprehensible inheritance not only in this age but also in the age to come!


  • Access to the Father forever – John 14:6, Eph 2:18
    1. We were created for relationship with God but sin caused us to become orphaned from our Father.
    2. Jesus came and provided a way for us to “walk in the cool of the day” with the Father all the time.
    3. Royal sons and daughters get time with the King.


  • Assurance of our identity as Sons and Daughters – John 14:16-18, Romans 8:16
    1. Jesus made a promise to give us the Holy Spirit who would constantly remind us of our identity as royal sons and daughters
    2. Even when we feel unworthy, unqualified or unlovable the Holy Spirit will always be with us to remind us of our true value and the way that God sees us
    3. Royal sons and daughters are sure of their identity and position.

As we grow in our understanding of the Gospel that Jesus died on the cross so that those who believe can join the family of God, the more we will begin to live our lives as royal sons and daughters. Jesus paid the ultimate price for you and for me. His ultimate gift shows just how valuable we are to the Father. He loved us so much that he gave up everything so that we could be restored to the family. We no longer have to live like orphans but we can now live as royal sons and daughters!

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  1. This is a word from GOD for such a time as this. The body of CHRIST will walk in the authority that JESUS’ death, burial, and ressurection has given (every) born again, blood bought child of GOD. Believers will know and move in their true identity and the power and authority they possess! The Greater works of (John 14:12) will be manifested in the earth by the Royal Sons and Daughters of GOD before the return of JESUS, MESSIAH the LORD of lords and KING of kings!


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