Sandra Overly’s Personal Story of Hope and Redemption

Sandra Overly’s Personal Story of Hope and Redemption

Sandra Overly’s Personal Story of Hope and Redemption

When I was young, I was very shy, withdrawn, and had low self-esteem. This made me an easy target. At the age of 11, I was molested by one of my Mother’s friends. I was ashamed. I became more withdrawn and held it all inside. Time passed…My early adulthood brought a series of destructive relationships. At the age of 26, I fell prey to the world of prostitution by a man I trusted. I couldn’t believe my life had come to this. It was a very dark time in my life. Ashamed, beaten down…at my lowest…I cried out to God, and He rescued me through the love of my Mother.


After some time went by, God placed a call on my life to reach out to those who are being exploited. I became a sponge, soaking in all I could from other organizations that are focused on reaching out, rescuing, and restoring these precious daughters of God.


I have been in the Human Trafficking arena now for about 4 years. I have had the awesome opportunity to help rescue a young lady in Columbus, Georgia who had been trafficked from Dallas, Texas. Hers is a story of God’s redemptive love and divine plan.


Being a part of the leadership team of Redeem has afforded me numerous opportunities to reach out and build relationship with God’s broken daughters. To venture into new dimensions of God’s loving grace and redemptive power. With rose in hand, in His loving power, one beautiful daughter at a time, we will eradicate this sex trafficking dilemma.

Sandy Overly

Sandra Overly has been involved with our Redeem ministry since its start in November of 2016. She has a huge heart for God’s broken children and seeks to bring redemption wherever she goes. She is a proud mother of four.

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My experience with the Take the City crew was like coming into a family.  Our team was welcomed in with open arms with like-hearted believers who love Jesus and have laid down their lives to serve the broken of the city! It was an honor to come alongside them, be welcomed into their homes, share meals, and experience the transformational work that God is doing in and through them to see His Kingdom come.
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