Shining God’s Light in some of the Darkest Places

Shining God’s Light in some of the Darkest Places

Shining God’s Light in some of the Darkest Places

The past few Friday nights, after much prayer and worship, we took a team out to a local strip club. The women went inside with a dozen roses and ministered to all the workers, and the guys stayed in the parking lots and ministered to the men. Women were crying as they experienced the powerful love of God. They were each given a rose and a handwritten encouraging card with a scripture, as well as a hotline number they can call anytime, day or night, and receive help.

Here is an account of one of our team members:

The man at the door could not understand why we would even want to waste our time on these girls, stating “They’re not worth it!” I assured him that they were so “worth it!” The girls at the club were so open and receptive to us. We had the opportunity to pray with them and show them the love of Jesus. As I handed each girl a rose I shared how the rose is a symbol of beauty and of love. I told them about the “Rose of Sharon” and how much He loved them and how beautiful they were in His sight. One girl in particular stands out….she approached me and said “I didn’t get a rose! Can I have a rose?” I found her a rose and handed her a card with it. I asked her if she needed prayer for anything and she said “My Dad…he is a strong Christian man….he is in the hospital with kidney failure…would you please pray for him?” I hugged her and as I prayed healing over her Father and peace for her, she softly wept. She thanked me and gave me a hug…..The second time I saw her, she was “working” and when she finished she ran up and hugged me. I asked her how her Father was doing and she told me he was doing better and asked if I would continue to pray for her Father. I assured her I would.

His people are experiencing His Grace, Truth, and Freedom. Lives have been forever changed inside and outside of that club. God be praised! 






Our team praying for a guy outside the club.

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I learned about Take The City through a young lady at our church about 5 years ago and after going on my first outreach, I was HOOKED. I fell in love with the family environment, organic evangelism, and genuine love that I experience here.  The training, connections, and opportunities that I’ve been blessed with here have been nothing short of life-changing!  God bless my TTC family.
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