Some of My Favorite 2021 Testimonies

I’ve been reflecting on what testimonies stood out to me from our 2021 outreach season. Here are a few of my most memorable testimonies. 

“Muslim Mike”

One of our teams, led by George and Monika Pfannshmidt, has been invested in the New Harvest neighborhood for some time now. They have poured into the people of that neighborhood each month, often revisiting homes of families they have met to see how they are doing. After several visits to the home of a Muslim man named “Mike”, they saw the fruit of their labor come to pass as Mike prayed to receive Christ. 

Garden Drive

Our newest Project LifeHouse in the Garden Drive neighborhood now has a new resident, Trevor McGill. Trevor comes to us from the Atlanta area with a passion for evangelism. We have an excited team committed to that area and are even developing new partnerships with other ministries in the area. The team has already begun ministry and are filled with hope and anticipation of what the Lord is going to do in the new year.

Salvation in the Rain

A team led by Tyrone Baskin went out on a rainy Saturday outreach morning and decided to serve people at a local shopping center. They helped people between the store and their cars, holding an umbrella for them. During this time, James Whitehead encountered a lady, helped her to her car, and began a conversation. There in the parking lot, that one act of kindness, led to her praying to receive Jesus! One ordinary act of kindness done in the name of Jesus can have extraordinary impact! 

2022 is HERE!

I am filled with excitement as we prepare for our 2022 Outreach Launch. February 19th at 9:30AM (note the slightly earlier start time for this month) we will begin with a giant celebration before our teams spread out across the Chattahoochee Valley for the first time in 2022. We are hoping to fill the room with volunteers, both veteran and new, and send out more than 10 teams reaching into at least 5 new neighborhoods in our cities. We will regather to tell the stories of all the Lord does while we simply obey His command to tell others about Him. 

We will host a New Volunteer Lunch after the outreach event to allow new volunteers an opportunity to learn more about the various ministries at Take the City and how they can continue to serve with us. Spots are limited, so be sure to click on the link and sign up! It is going to be a weekend to remember.

Chuck Odum, Local Outreach Coordinator,

Outreach Launch 2022

February 19th @ 9:30AM at 2910 2nd Ave


Even with only 2 Take the City Outreaches under my belt, they have made such an impact in my own personal journey of faith, and others I have crossed paths with! The most special part to me is knowing that even if I meet someone and I never see them again, I know God has allowed me to touch their heart and plant a seed that I couldn’t have done sitting at home. I’m so thankful for this organization because it truly has allowed me to connect with others, with the goal of bringing them closer to Christ, while becoming closer with God myself at the same time.

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