Local Outreach – Chattahoochee Valley

May 28, 2021

Local Outreach - Chattahoochee Valley     On Saturday, May 22nd, 13 churches from the local body of Christ came together to take the city for Jesus and share the Gospel all across our area.  Five teams took to the streets, while one team stayed back to pray for the others. One young man made the decision to follow Jesus, 90 people were prayed for, and many more people were touched with the love of Jesus. Of the people prayed for, God divinely intervened in the life of a young lady. One of our teams met her near the Elizabeth Canty apartments. They introduced themselves and asked her if they could pray for her. She said yes, and as our team prayed, something shifted for her. When the team finished praying, the woman admitted that she had a knife in her possession. She was about to use it, but since she received prayer, she decided against it. We serve such an amazing God! He desires to use us as His hands, feet, and mouth to pour out His love to others.  We dream of dozens of teams spreading across our region each month sharing the Gospel and ministering to people. Our friends and neighbors desperately need to be touched by the love of God, and we are just the ones to do it! We long for the undeniable presence of God to be felt in every neighborhood across our city. Come and join us next month June 17 as we witness the power of the Gospel everywhere we go. If you would like to get involved, please reach out...

Local Outreach – Go Where the Lord Leads

March 26, 2021

Local Outreach - Go Where the Lord Leads On Saturday March 20, believers from various churches in the Chattahoochee Valley joined together to share the Gospel and God’s love with our friends and neighbors. Many people were prayed for and set free! 1 person gave their life to Christ, 6 people were physically healed of personal ailments, and 74 people were impacted with God’s love! Of those stories, one group felt led to go to the river, specifically, the area known as “The Island”. Arriving at the River Upon arrival, the team parked and walked down the stairs by the river. Hannah said, “There are so many people. How do we know who to minister to?” Katherine sat down upon the sidewalk for a brief moment and said, “Why don’t you ask the Lord?” Finding the One Hannah asked the Lord and almost immediately pointed, “That girl over there” and took off briskly down the sidewalk to the Island. Hannah, Katherine, and Nacie approached the girl. Startled, the girl turned around. All 4 girls introduced themselves. Nacie began by calling out identity in the girl; the Lord put it on her heart to share things she saw in the girl. The girl began to brighten. Hannah asked if they could pray for her, and she said, “ok yeah!” Freedom, Freedom, and More Freedom As Hannah prayed, the Lord began to touch the girl more deeply. She opened her eyes at the end of the prayer, and said, “Thank you all so much! This just made my day!” As the girls gave hugs and began exchanging phone numbers, Katherine shared...

First Outreach of the Year – Chattahoochee Valley

January 27, 2021

On Saturday January 16, we kicked off the year with our first monthly outreach. People from 4 different churches gathered at Take the City. After a little bit of worship and training, we split into teams and went out. My team and I walked around the Highlands community. Even though it was cold, the Lord showed up in powerful ways. We ministered to one man on his porch. We prayed for a him and his mom; he teared up and felt encouraged by our prayers. As we continued our walk, we prayed blessings over some homes and met a few neighbors. As we made our way back to the building, we met a woman on her porch. We asked her if we could approach, and she said yes. She was a beautiful, older woman named Brenda. She shared that she would pray and talk to God every morning and would minister to people as they walked by. We asked her if we could pray for anything. She said, “yes! My back! It really hurts.” I said, “Well we are going to pray and ask Jesus to heal your back.” My team and I prayed.  I asked her, “How do you feel?”  Eyes brightening, she said, “I feel better!”  I then asked, “On a scale of 1 to 10, where was the pain before we prayed? “ She said, “a 10.”  I then asked, “where is it now?” She replied, “ a 1″. I said, Really?! Thank you, Jesus!” We prayed one more time that the Lord would heal the rest of her pain, and then hugged her and wished her...

Local Outreach – Chattahoochee Valley

September 29, 2020

On Saturday morning September 19, people from different churches gathered at Take the City for worship and outreach. After a short training and prayer, six groups of people were sent out around the city to minister the Gospel. Tyrone Baskin and his team felt led to go downtown and join up with two other churches who were ministering together. Tyrone and his group made their way downtown and connected with Pastor Mark and Pastor Kuturi and their team, who were preaching on a mic and praying for people as they came by. Wasting no time, Tyrone and his team jumped in. As they prayed for people, Tyrone and his team noticed a woman hanging around and listening. His team asked if they could pray for her. She said yes. Afterwards, a guy from Pastor Kuturi’s church began to talk with her and minister to her further. She teared up and said, “I want to leave this lifestyle. I don’t want to be a Lesbian anymore. I need Jesus”. Right then and there, she gave her life to Christ. The guy from Pastor Kuturi’s church gave her a book to help her through her same-sex attraction, and she will continue to be discipled by Pastor Mark in the days to come.  Praise Jesus! He is touching people all over the Valley and setting them free!  If you would like to get involved with local outreaches, email...

Why Pray?

August 28, 2020

We recently had a very powerful week in the prayer room. We saw real breakthrough as people gathered and worshiped throughout the week. Lives were touched and changed. People were activated in prayer and worship. New volunteers signed up. The presence of God was tangible all week long!  Obviously this was very exciting for me as the coordinator of the prayer room. All week I found it easy to wake up and feel the joy of the Lord, to seek Him in my quiet time, and even to share my faith with total strangers. However, something strange happened to me that Saturday. I woke up and prayed just like everyday before. I read my Bible. I was faithful in my personal devotion to Jesus, yet I didn’t feel amazing like I had all week. I felt foggy and weighed down. I found myself questioning what was wrong with the way I was praying… After a little thought, I suddenly realized that I had unwittingly diminished prayer into a formula. I’d allowed my prayer life to be motivated by positive feelings. This led me to ask myself an important question: why do I pray at all? This question led to an even bigger one: why do we need a house of prayer? Surely it had to be more than just good feelings!  Examples of Prayer in the Bible Themes of prayer run throughout the entire Bible, but there are times where prayer absolutely stands out. From walking with Adam in the cool of the day (Gen. 3:8) to speaking to Moses through a burning bush (Exod. 3), to using the...

Take the City – Dalton

A city united. To share the love of Christ!

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This six session conference is designed to help everyone who is a follower of Jesus Christ learn how to more effectively represent Him in everyday life. This training is not designed just for the “spiritually elite” but rather for everyday people who long to be used by God at their schools, workplaces, homes and surrounding community. Basically, the primary goal of this training is to help de-mystify evangelism for believers who may feel scared of sharing their faith.

Friday Night July 26

6pm – Equipping Session 1

Saturday July 27

10am – Equipping Session 2

11am – Equipping Session 3

12:30pm – Lunch Out / Community Outreach

3:30pm – Testimonies!

4:30pm – Equipping Session 4

5:30pm – Dinner Out / Community Outreach

7:00pm – Equipping Session 5


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Take the City is a ministry that hosts events all over the United States that help encourage and empower local churches to reach their communities with the gospel.