Project Lifehouse – Beacons of Hope

February 3, 2022

Project Lifehouse - Beacons of Hope When I first moved to Columbus, GA in 2013, I noticed so many incredible things about our beautiful city. I saw all the changes and improvements that were happening and the reclaiming of the uptown area. As we began doing our Take the City outreaches, I also started noticing some areas in our city that were still in desperate need of love. Dreaming As we began reaching out and sharing the gospel in various neighborhoods, I started to have a burden for many areas of our city. I even started meeting with city officials to ask them more about these various areas of need and how we could do more to help improve them. That’s when I began to dream, what would it look like if we could renovate abandoned homes in these areas in our city with the goal of moving mission-minded Christians into them, to serve as beacons of light and hope? What an idea that would be! Action This dream, I figured, was 5-10 years down the road. The Lord had other plans. He gave us our very first home in Bradley Circle in Spring of 2017. That first home donation ended up leading to another 27 homes that were all donated to our ministry before the year of 2017 was over. We didn’t ask for any of these houses but all of them were brought to us. It was as if the Lord was wanting to be sure we knew that this was HIS idea and not ours.  The Lord continued to move, and we began to renovate homes...

Evangelism Bootcamp – 8 Weeks

Discovering the JOY

8 Session Evangelism Boot-camp

We want to journey with you in discovering the JOY in representing God’s love and goodness in everyday situations.

This eight week course is designed to help everyone who is a follower of Jesus Christ learn how to more effectively represent Him in everyday life. This Boot-Camp is not designed just for the “spiritually elite” but rather everyday people who long to be used by God at their schools, workplaces, homes and surrounding community. The primary goal of this Boot-Camp is to help de-mystify evangelism for believers who may feel scared of sharing their faith.  

This Boot-camp is eight sessions long and can be done either during a weekend or over an eight week period.

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When? –  Thursday nights at 6:30pm – (This training will start February 18th and will be 8 weeks long.)

Where? – 5304 Hurst Drive, Columbus, Ga 31901


Here’s an overview of what we would cover each session:

  1. Identity – Who are we in Christ?
  2. Intimacy – We bear fruit when we abide in the Vine.
  3. Authority – We are Christ’s ambassadors
  4. Proclamation – How to share the gospel effectively
  5. Prophecy – How God can speak through us
  6. Healing/ Words of Knowledge – How to pray for the sick
  7. Deliverance – How to set the captives free
  8. Destiny – God has huge plans to use each of us!


What to bring to Boot-Camp:

  • An expectant and open heart
  • Bible
  • Pen
  • A personal notebook/ Journal
  • Commitment to attend at least 6 of the 8 sessions. 


How much does this training cost?

While there is no formal charge for this bootcamp we do recommend one of two giving options to help cover the expenses for this event. 

  1. Optional – Bring a love offering each week to help cover the cost of this training.
  2. Optional – one time gift to Take the City to help cover the cost of this training.