Jesus Makes It Easy to Pray

June 23, 2021

Jesus Makes It Easy to Pray OVERCOMPLICATING PRAYER  Before becoming a prayer room coordinator I had no idea how hard it would be to get believers to pray. While we have seen many become activated in the place of prayer since launching the prayer room, statistically speaking, it is only a drop in the bucket. Vast amounts of Christians are in this city, and I long to see a day where this prayer room is regularly filled with praying and worshipping believers.  I have spent much time thinking about why all this resistance to prayer exists. Recently my thinking turned into dialogue with the Lord, and as is often the case, He turned the spotlight back onto my own life. He began to show me all the times He longed to be with me, and I chose some other activity over Him. It was as if I saw it from His perspective. He was wooing me and I was resisting Him time and time again.  After processing a little further with the Lord I realized the core reason why I don’t pray as I should. It is not because I don’t hear His voice. Many times I feel Him wooing me with His love, and yet I still willingly resist it. Neither is it a lack of zeal or passion for God; underneath it all, I know my heart desires to be with Him above all else. I have come to the conclusion that most often the reason I do not come to Him in prayer is because I overcomplicate prayer in my mind.  JESUS IS EXPLICIT WHEN IT...

Harvest Day

Come and join us as we gather with believers from all over the Chattahoochee Valley to share the Gospel with our friends and neighbors.

Once per month for the past several years, we have seen believers from different churches come together for worship, prayer, and outreach. As a result, we have seen so many people step into a lifestyle of freedom to pursue God, to share their stories with others and to reach people with God’s love.

Join us as we partner together as the Body of Christ to revitalize our city!


9:45am Doors Open

10:00am – Worship & Training

10:30am Split into Teams

12:30pm – Return for Testimonies

**Feel free to s0w into Harvest Coffee Co. or bring your own lunch!