Take the City • Twin Cities

November 7, 2017

Our ministry travels and hosts trainings all over the U.S. helping to equip the Body of Christ to reach more people with the Gospel. We’re excited to partner with many different churches from various denominations for this event. With the upcoming Big Game being hosted in the area on February 4th, 2018 our goal is to help equip and serve the local churches to reach people during this massive event. We believe thousands of lives will be impacted during this event! Weekend Schedule: Friday – 6:30pm – Training and Outreaches Saturday – 10am – Training and Outreaches...

Focus on the One – Impact your world every day

February 4, 2017

A couple months ago, I met Jason, one of my co-workers and friends, at Iron Bank to do some work. At the end of our meeting, I gathered my belongings, put on my purse, and started to cross the street. As I was walking, I noticed a woman who often bikes around the neighborhood. Her face bore the mark of sadness; I struggled inwardly with the decision of whether to stop and check in on her or not. I really needed to eat something, which may seem trivially to most, but having digestive issues, the consumption of food and the timing of it is very important for me. As I pondered turning back or not (I had at this point made it across the median to the other side of the street), I looked back to see Jason talking with the woman. I knew if he saw her, he would stop and ask her how she was doing and pray with her, and without missing a beat, he had done that very thing. I was glad he could stop and be there for her even if I could not. Thankful as I was for Jason coming behind me to check in on the woman, it challenged me to stop in my daily flow of life and check in on others. We so often think, in order to give someone love or to share Christ with someone, we have to go out of our way to do so. But there are plenty of people to meet, encourage, and share Christ with, within our daily grind! I know what you’re thinking....

Harvest Night

Did you know every third Thursday of the month believers from all over the Valley area are gathering to worship Jesus and to pray over their communities together? One of our core values here at Take the City concerns unifying churches from all different denominations and cultural backgrounds. For us it is one of our greatest joys and privileges to use the prayer room, Harvest House of Prayer, for this very purpose.

We invite you to come join us and see what God is doing on these Harvest Nights! These nights of worship combined with our Saturday outreaches create a powerful equipping force in the lives of believers, as we learn what it means to worship, pray, evangelize, and make disciples who make disciples in our city and beyond. So come on out, get involved, meet like-minded believers, and let’s worship the Lord together!


6:15pm Doors Open

6:30pm – Welcome and Worship

7:45pm-8pm – Intercession & Close