God’s Love Shows Up Beautifully in Peru!

March 7, 2017

Ashley Faulkner has been involved with Take the City for the past year. She studies Bible teaching at Emerging Leaders College and serves on the Hospitality team at theDoor. She has a huge heart to share the love of Jesus with the nations. Here is a glimpse of what God did on her first trip abroad with Take the City in January. My heart could sing for days on end about how marvelous and beautiful Peru was. Not just the land, but the people and how rich the Father’s love was there.   Peru looks a lot different from America. In many ways, the people there don’t have as much. But in many ways, they are far richer than those in the States. The people there are rich in love and community. From the second I walked in to the Chavarry’s house, I felt nothing but loved. It was insane how a family that had never met me could take me in as one of their own almost instantly! There was one evening after an outreach that I started to get a fever and feel weak. Bryan’s family took to caring for me immediately, as if I was one of their children. His grandma rubbed oils all over me; his mom took my temperature. One after another, each of his family members made a point to check on my well-being. Despite the language barrier, their love was translated seamlessly. If I could choose but a few words to describe their hearts and how they made me feel, they would be: “They truly loved me well.”   At a morning prayer...

Meet Hannah, an Occupy Intern!

August 30, 2016

This summer, we offered an internship program called Occupy for high school and college students. Occupy is a 6-week program that is geared toward helping students grow in their identity and intimacy with God by going deeper in the Word of God, prayer, and evangelism. The internship offers the opportunity for students to learn the backbones of ministry by working closely with Take the City staff in administration, social media, and videography. The following is a testimony of what God did in one of our interns while in the program. “This summer at Occupy, I’ve grown a lot in my walk with Christ. I’ve learned that God is Fatherly, and He just wants to love on us. In fact, that’s all He wants: to love us and for us to return to His love. He has shown me who He is and who I am as His child. I used to care a lot about what other people thought about me, but God told me that it doesn’t matter, because I am His child and He is my Father. I’ve come to see God a lot more as a father-figure; He has really given me a childlike faith.   Another thing God told me was that He’s not done with me yet. He told me that right now, I’m like a little seedling that just came out of the dirt, but one day, I’ll bloom into a beautiful flower. He told me that He’s going to use me in ways that I can’t even imagine. He’ll fill me with joy and use me to fill others with joy, just like a...

Take the City – 757

At Regent University Chapel

Take the City is a movement that is impacting cities all over America. Our mission is to unify and mobilize the churches in cities to take the gospel of Jesus Christ into their cities and see those cities forever changed. We want to invite you to this powerful one-day training event where you will be encouraged, equipped and activated to share God’s love with people everywhere you go!

This training will involve times of worship, prayer, training, activities and outreaches out into the city. People of all ages and from various denominations are all welcomed to this training event. Our primary focus is to help equip every-day followers of Jesus Christ to grow in sharing the gospel and impacting the world around them.



  • 4pm – Registration and Pre-Event Prayer
  • 6pm – Worship and Training (Session 1)


  • 10am-12pm – Worship and Training
  • 12pm – Lunch Break Outreach
  • 2pm – Training
  • 5pm – Dinner Break Outreach
  • 7pm – Worship, Testimonies and Final Training Session