Local Outreach – Go Where the Lord Leads

March 26, 2021

Local Outreach - Go Where the Lord Leads On Saturday March 20, believers from various churches in the Chattahoochee Valley joined together to share the Gospel and God’s love with our friends and neighbors. Many people were prayed for and set free! 1 person gave their life to Christ, 6 people were physically healed of personal ailments, and 74 people were impacted with God’s love! Of those stories, one group felt led to go to the river, specifically, the area known as “The Island”. Arriving at the River Upon arrival, the team parked and walked down the stairs by the river. Hannah said, “There are so many people. How do we know who to minister to?” Katherine sat down upon the sidewalk for a brief moment and said, “Why don’t you ask the Lord?” Finding the One Hannah asked the Lord and almost immediately pointed, “That girl over there” and took off briskly down the sidewalk to the Island. Hannah, Katherine, and Nacie approached the girl. Startled, the girl turned around. All 4 girls introduced themselves. Nacie began by calling out identity in the girl; the Lord put it on her heart to share things she saw in the girl. The girl began to brighten. Hannah asked if they could pray for her, and she said, “ok yeah!” Freedom, Freedom, and More Freedom As Hannah prayed, the Lord began to touch the girl more deeply. She opened her eyes at the end of the prayer, and said, “Thank you all so much! This just made my day!” As the girls gave hugs and began exchanging phone numbers, Katherine shared...

Gospel Conversations 101

February 17, 2021

Our greatest goal in every single gospel conversation is love and connection. Just because we communicate thoughts and ideas does not always mean we convey love and actually connect with someone! Join our TRAINING HUB to take this FREE E-COURSE about fulfilling the Great Commission. « Prev1 / 1Next »Gospel Conversations 101::: INTROGospel Conversations 101::: Starting Gospel ConversationGospel Conversations 101::: Carrying on a Gospel ConversationGospel Conversations 101::: Closing A Gospel ConversationGospel Conversations 101::: Conclusion« Prev1 / 1Next » Start FREE E-COURSE ABOUT E-COURSE: In this FREE E-COURSE Andrew shares on How we can have a “Gospel Conversation” with anyone, whether we just met them or have known them our whole lives. He shares the importance of connection and some practical do’s and don’ts 1 Peter 3:15 “but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect” How we communicate the gospel has just as much significance as what we say. How do we start a gospel conversation? How do we carry on a gospel conversation? How do we close a gospel conversation? If we can answer these three simple questions, we can grow in our impact for the Kingdom of God. We invite you take this FREE E-COURSE through our TRAINING HUB. What is the Training Hub? Do you long to grow in sharing your faith? Or want to learn more about the Bible?  We have created this training hub for people to grow in their walk with Jesus, be...

W.A.R. Weekend – Redeem – Power & Transformation

January 31, 2020

This past weekend, our Redeem ministry team rented out a local motel room and had constant prayer, worship, and outreach. Friday January 24th started out like any other day. Jessica Cronin along with a few volunteers ran around taking care of last minute items to prepare for the weekend. The team met up at the hotel and began their weekend with worship and prayer. Even from the first note, the atmosphere began to shift. Music filled the air, and guests staying in the motel were drawn to Jesus. In the first night alone, the Redeem team were able to help a woman and her two children get off the streets, and see 4 people give their lives to Christ. The next day, the team split up into groups of two to three people and walked around the area. Their heart in going out was to minister and share the love of Jesus. In route, Jonathan Cronin and a friend of his met a man named Kevin and his wife Alana. Kevin had been bound to a wheelchair all his life. This inspired the guys to pray for him, believing that Jesus would heal his legs and that he would be able to stand up and leave his wheelchair. Laying their hands on the man’s shoulders, Jonathan and his friend began to pray. As they did, the power of Jesus showed up in great measure. The man began to feel strength in his legs. Encouraged, the man tried to stand up. He did!!! He even began to walk forward!!! His wife wanted to cry but she was too elated to...

Harvest Nights

Did you know every third Thursday of the month believers from all over the Valley area are gathering to worship Jesus and to pray over their communities together? One of our core values here at Take the City concerns unifying churches from all different denominations and cultural backgrounds. For us it is one of our greatest joys and privileges to use the prayer room, Harvest House of Prayer, for this very purpose.

We invite you to come join us and see what God is doing on these Harvest Nights! These nights of worship combined with our Saturday outreaches create a powerful equipping force in the lives of believers, as we learn what it means to worship, pray, evangelize, and make disciples who make disciples in our city and beyond. So come on out, get involved, meet like-minded believers, and let’s worship the Lord together!


6:15pm Doors Open

6:30pm – Intro and Sharing

6:40pm – Teaching by Andrew Chalmers

7pm – Worship

8pm – Worship & Intercession