December 29, 2020

disclaimer: The title of this blog may seem pretty harsh. Let me preface it by clearly stating that this is in no way a rebuke. I wouldn’t dare assume that I am in the position to do so as I myself have only been a part of this awe-inspiring prayer movement for 6 months (If you don’t know, there is a massive movement of night-and-day prayer and worship that is sweeping the globe at an unprecedented rate). I am speaking from the perspective of a total newbie, but also someone who is totally bought in, serving full time in a prayer room, and giving myself to God’s purposes for night-and-day prayer to sweep the earth. Everything I have written is based on the Holy Spirit’s conviction in my own life. It is with this heart I feel the urge to write the following. So… sweaty palms and all…    The disconnect I’ve heard statistics on the global prayer movement that are absolutely mind boggling. Since 1999 the world has seen a steady increase of places of unceasing worship and prayer, from just a known handful to thousands worldwide. That’s amazing. Surely all of this momentum in prayer would mean more people coming to Christ. Right? Sadly, this is not the case. In western society not only do statistics show a huge decrease in Christian conversion rates, but believers are actually leaving the church in droves. Don’t believe me? Just google “Christianity in America.” My point in highlighting this isn’t to say that prayer is unnecessary in the salvation of souls. On the contrary, I believe it is absolutely essential....

Take the City – Fort Mill, SC

Take the City is a movement that is impacting cities all over America. Our mission is to unify and mobilize the churches in cities to to take the gospel of Jesus Christ into their cities and see those cities forever changed. We want to invite you to this powerful one day training event where you will be encouraged, equipped and activated to share God’s love with people everywhere you go!

This training will involve times of worship, prayer, training, activites and outreaches out into the city. People of all ages and from various denominations are all welcomed to this training event. Our primary focus is to help equip every-day followers of Jesus Christ to grow in sharing the gospel and impacting the world around them.


  • 9am-12pm – Worship and Training
  • 12pm – Lunch Break Outreach
  • 2pm – Training
  • 5pm – Dinner Break Outreach
  • 7pm – Worship, Testimonies and Final Training Session