Longing to see His Face

November 30, 2020

Jessica Cronin takes us on a journey describing how she is longing to see her babies face for the first time. In the same way that we should be longing to see The Fathers face for the very first time. This life is full of trials and tribulations, even pain. However, the moment that we see our Father for the first time will prove to have been supremely worth it. For more information about our ministry, please check out this page and be sure to sign up for our email list to stay in...

FIRST Local Outreach of the Year – CHATTAHOOCHEE VALLEY!

We are inviting you to come join us for our FIRST OUTREACH OF THE YEAR!

For the past few years, we have seen churches from all different backgrounds gather together in unified prayer, worship and outreach. As a result, we’ve seen so many people step into a lifestyle of freedom to pursue God, to share their stories with others and to reach people with God’s love.
Join us for our local community outreach as we gather to scatter all over the city to share the love of Christ!
12:15pm – Doors Open
12:30pm – Worship and Training
1:15pm – Activation & Outreach
3:45pm – Head back to Church For Pizza and Testimonies