Outreach Leaders Needed: DC Awaken the Dawn

August 30, 2017

During Awaken the Dawn we’re planning to mobilize hundreds of people throughout the weekend to share the gospel all over DC. We’re calling all those who are passionate for outreach and who would love to help us lead teams during the weekend to sign up today! We need well over 100 outreach leaders during ATD to help take out teams of people who may feel more comfortable going with someone with more experience. The dates for the outreaches are October 6-8th and these gatherings will be held in a tent on the National Mall during that weekend. Who: People with previous experience doing outreaches and preferably actually leading teams People with a passion for the lost and sharing the gospel Anyone who loves Jesus and wants to take teams out to share God’s love in DC What: We ask all outreach leaders to arrive one hour prior to the scheduled outreach gatherings. The schedule for the weekend can be found here. We ask that all outreach leaders sign up on this site and put in the comments section that you are interested in coming an hour early and leading an outreach team. Please contact atd@take-the-city.com if you have any questions! Awaken the Dawn Outreach Schedule DATE: Friday October 6th Location: Outreach Tent on the National Mall Times: 10am – Activation// Training// Release teams for outreaches 3pm – Testimonies – Come back to the tent for Testimonies! DATE: Saturday October 7th Location: Outreach Tent on the National Mall Times: 10am – Activation// Training// Release teams for outreaches 5pm – Activation// Training// Release  teams for outreaches Date: Sunday October 8th Location: Outreach Tent on...

Take the City

What is Take the City?

For the past few years, we have seen churches from all different backgrounds gather together in unified prayer, worship and outreach. As a result, we’ve seen so many people step into a lifestyle of freedom to pursue God, to share their stories with others and to reach people with God’s love.

Will you join us?

We are inviting you to come join us for an unforgettable time as people from all over the area are gathering together to see our city forever changed!

Join us for Take the City as we gather to scatter all over the city to share the love of Christ!


12:15pm – Doors Open
12:30pm – Worship and Training
1:30pm – Activation & Outreach
4:00pm – Head back to Church
4:30pm – Testimonies & Free Pizza
5:00pm – Close Out