Harvest House of Prayer – Off to Kansas City

May 28, 2022

Harvest House of Prayer - Off to Kansas City In early May, I (Brandon McKenzie) packed my bags and met some of our team in Kansas City, Missouri, for The Send— a massive stadium gathering where tens of thousands of Christians gathered to become mobilized in the call to global missions. While the main event was held on Saturday, May 14th, an equally significant event called The Procession preceded it. From May 9th-13th thousands descended upon Truman Field for five consecutive days of unceasing worship, prayer, and gospel proclamation.  There were moments throughout these gatherings where I physically could not contain myself from praising God. The atmosphere was absolutely charged with the very presence of God. As I looked out into this vast and diverse crowd of believers, young and old alike, singing their hearts out to Jesus, my heart was filled with hope and faith for the future of the Church.  A Lost Hope Restored Let’s face it, since 2020, we’ve been inundated with bad news. In the midst of a multi-faceted global crisis, I have felt my heart sink into despair on multiple occasions. However, the sight of mass unity and zeal for the Lord that I witnessed in Kansas City encouraged my soul with an immutable biblical truth that “the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5 NIV). In other words, it is in times of great darkness that the Church shines the brightest! After all, some of the greatest revivals in history happened in the midst of national and global crises. I am convinced we really are on...


March 30, 2021

The Beautiful Gift of Tears Have you ever reached a place in your emotional life where all there was left to do was to cry? It seems to happen most often when you least expect it. Can you remember the last time that you shed honest tears? Maybe it was over the pain of losing someone you love. Or maybe it was in response to a hurting loved one who was beyond your help. Perhaps someone wounded you with a nasty insult and made you feel “less than.” Whatever the case we have all experienced this phenomenon of crying. Tears are just a part of being a human. They are our soul’s acknowledgement of our own brokenness and its sincere attempt to reach towards some kind of solution. As Christ followers we know the solution is found in God alone. For this reason weeping ought to be an integral part of our prayer lives. WEEPING IS A GIFT… …to ourselves The benefits of this are insurmountable. By way of tears, our emotions find a healthy outlet and our hearts are freed from any lingering grief that can quickly turn into poison if left undealt with. Not only this, but by not weeping we actually cut ourselves off from a large segment of our fellowship with God. Human beings are made in the image of God and we were made to fellowship with Him. Scripture is riddled with indicators that Yahweh, though mighty and strong, is also extremely empathetic and sensitive to the brokenness of humanity to the point of grief (Gen. 6:6) and weeping (Jn. 11:35). As image bearers...


December 29, 2020

disclaimer: The title of this blog may seem pretty harsh. Let me preface it by clearly stating that this is in no way a rebuke. I wouldn’t dare assume that I am in the position to do so as I myself have only been a part of this awe-inspiring prayer movement for 6 months (If you don’t know, there is a massive movement of night-and-day prayer and worship that is sweeping the globe at an unprecedented rate). I am speaking from the perspective of a total newbie, but also someone who is totally bought in, serving full time in a prayer room, and giving myself to God’s purposes for night-and-day prayer to sweep the earth. Everything I have written is based on the Holy Spirit’s conviction in my own life. It is with this heart I feel the urge to write the following. So… sweaty palms and all…    The disconnect I’ve heard statistics on the global prayer movement that are absolutely mind boggling. Since 1999 the world has seen a steady increase of places of unceasing worship and prayer, from just a known handful to thousands worldwide. That’s amazing. Surely all of this momentum in prayer would mean more people coming to Christ. Right? Sadly, this is not the case. In western society not only do statistics show a huge decrease in Christian conversion rates, but believers are actually leaving the church in droves. Don’t believe me? Just google “Christianity in America.” My point in highlighting this isn’t to say that prayer is unnecessary in the salvation of souls. On the contrary, I believe it is absolutely essential....

Why Pray?

August 28, 2020

We recently had a very powerful week in the prayer room. We saw real breakthrough as people gathered and worshiped throughout the week. Lives were touched and changed. People were activated in prayer and worship. New volunteers signed up. The presence of God was tangible all week long!  Obviously this was very exciting for me as the coordinator of the prayer room. All week I found it easy to wake up and feel the joy of the Lord, to seek Him in my quiet time, and even to share my faith with total strangers. However, something strange happened to me that Saturday. I woke up and prayed just like everyday before. I read my Bible. I was faithful in my personal devotion to Jesus, yet I didn’t feel amazing like I had all week. I felt foggy and weighed down. I found myself questioning what was wrong with the way I was praying… After a little thought, I suddenly realized that I had unwittingly diminished prayer into a formula. I’d allowed my prayer life to be motivated by positive feelings. This led me to ask myself an important question: why do I pray at all? This question led to an even bigger one: why do we need a house of prayer? Surely it had to be more than just good feelings!  Examples of Prayer in the Bible Themes of prayer run throughout the entire Bible, but there are times where prayer absolutely stands out. From walking with Adam in the cool of the day (Gen. 3:8) to speaking to Moses through a burning bush (Exod. 3), to using the...

Take the City

What is Take the City?

For the past few years, we have seen churches from all different backgrounds gather together in unified prayer, worship and outreach. As a result, we’ve seen so many people step into a lifestyle of freedom to pursue God, to share their stories with others and to reach people with God’s love.

Will you join us?

We are inviting you to come join us for an unforgettable time as people from all over the area are gathering together to see our city forever changed!

Join us for Take the City as we gather to scatter all over the city to share the love of Christ!

12:15pm – Doors Open
12:30pm – Worship and Training
1:30pm – Activation & Outreach
4:00pm – Head back to Church
4:30pm – Testimonies & Free Pizza
5:00pm – Close Out

We will be meeting at City Gate Church. Which is right across the street from the Phenix City post office. Also, the time zone for this event is scheduled in EST.