Hope Inspires

December 21, 2022

Hope Inspires//Cindy Gardner It’s our joy to conclude our Inspire Campaign stories with someone who is a true inspiration to us, as well as to so many in the community. Cindy Gardner is the Follow-up Coordinator for Redeem’s Beautiful Exchange Boutique at Take the City. Her story really began when someone handed her a card they’d been given through a TTC outreach. She called the number, and the rest is now a three-year history. Today, you might find Cindy driving someone as far as Montgomery, AL to a treatment center, taking blankets out on the street, or with her host of volunteers, organizing donated clothes. The boutique, which was remodeled this year, has racks of clothes in all sizes, accessories, shoes, and handbags, as well as hygiene kits. “Not only do women come in from the street, where they can also get a shower and use the laundry facilities, but women who need an outfit for a job interview or other appointments can come in. Nothing is sold here– it’s all given away,” Cindy said. Her volunteers have seen the changes in the women who come through and have heard their stories. “It’s what it’s all about,” said one volunteer with tears in her eyes. “I cry even just looking around the boutique, because it represents giving God our best.” Cindy has a vision for the future that Redeem will offer its own rehab program one day. If anyone can see it done, Cindy, who does nothing without the Lord, has the inspiring faith needed that will lead to reaching more and more women. Inspired by Cindy’s testimony? Become...

Family Inspires

December 7, 2022

Family Inspires Photo, l-r: Melissa McCormick, mother of the McCormick children, daughter Micah, daughter Brianna Tolley, granddaughter Adeline Claire Elise Tolley, son-in-law Zeek Tolley, Nancy & Rick McCormick, and son Ricky “Bubba” McCormick. Continuous praise, worship and prayer are part of the DNA of Take the City’s Harvest House of Prayer. There are over 30 regular participants who sacrificially commit to doing hour-long sets, and we love that the McCormick family is among them. They are unique in their contribution in that so many of their family participates as several are musicians and singers, including Rick, who is a pastor and the proud father in the clan. “You’ll like me,” Rick says when he meets someone in the prayer room, “but when you meet my family, you’ll forget all about me.” Fully engaged and gifted, the McCormick family’s worship sets are contagious.  “I want to do the invisible things,” said Rick. “It’s what real giving is. We started doing Thursday evenings because it’s sacrificial for us. We don’t want to give what doesn’t cost us anything.” It’s sacrificial in more ways than one– the McCormicks live 45 minutes away. Zeek Tolley, Rick’s son-in-law, who plays and sings, joined as a HHOP volunteer because “I felt the presence of God was easily accessible in the prayer room. It keeps me going even when I’m tired. It’s also helped me to learn how to worship when I’m by myself and how to usher in His presence.”  The family brings themselves to Him and lead others to do the same. It’s giving at its best. Are you inspired by this family? Sow...

Hope Inspires

November 30, 2022

Hope Inspires Now halfway through its launch, first-time students Brooklyn and Emily have settled into their routines at Take the City’s Harvest Equipping School. The two young women, both 18, became roommates and fast friends.  Their journey through the school’s motto, Activated. Equipped. Commissioned., has been fun to watch.  “Being in an environment with people who are constantly living for Jesus and surrounded by so many inspiring people has been awesome,” Emily said.  “A highlight for me has been the guest speakers. I like to hear other people’s views,” said Brooklyn. It’s a challenge for either of them to pick a favorite among the diverse teachers and topics, but Brooklyn added, “Brandon’s [Harvest House of Prayer Director] passion for prayer and loving Jesus makes me want to learn more. He’s living it out.” Atlanta’s Arthur Breland had an impact on Emily. “He taught on evangelism, and we got to practice and bring hope. I like that we’re learning, but we also get to see it. We’re also encouraged to find what suits us best and are not expected to fit into someone else’s calling.” The school’s director, Kaleigh McKee, couldn’t be more proud of how both young women have immersed themselves, determined to get everything they can out of the experience. “There are many Gen Z who have turned away from the Lord,” she said, “but schools like ours bring hope that there are also many who will be a voice for their generation.” Inspired by the growth of these students? Become a monthly partner with us and sow into the next generation! Click Here to...

Giving Inspires

November 28, 2022

Giving Inspires As Pastor Chuck and Jeanne Hasty sit across the table, their eyes light up as their minds turn to the neighborhood kids who have become an extension of their church. Grace Presbyterian ECO is known for its generosity and servants’ heart and longtime friends Andrew & Ellen Chalmers knew they’d be a perfect fit in coming alongside the Bradley Circle Project Lifehouse. “We wanted to partner with and build relationship and join God in what He’s already doing – not to necessarily recreate anything,” Jeanne explained. It didn’t take long for the church to find their place… or more accurately, places, and became very intentional about picking up kids in the neighborhood and bringing them to church. After-school tutoring showed itself as a need and the church responded with Tutoring Tuesdays. People with expertise in a certain subject began to join in. Rides are provided if necessary for the students, as well as snacks and even school supplies. The church discovered there were a lot of gardeners among the congregation and soon partnered with the neighborhood garden. MercyMed also joined in as consultants/advisors for the garden. Now that the kids are older, the Hastys’ pick them up for church youth group. The relationships that have developed over the past few years is evident. In the middle of a conversation with Pastor Chuck, a teenager let out, “I prayed for someone to be a father in my life and that’s how I think of you!”  During the holiday season, the kids have helped to provide 30-40 baskets at Thanksgiving and 24 at Christmas. They’ve also organized a coat...

Compassion Inspires

November 8, 2022

Compassion Inspires In the early morning hours once a month, as a truckload of Feed the Valley food pallets is unloaded, a neighborhood begins to emerge to help pack and distribute 150 food boxes. They greet Cody and Lilly Wing, the neighborhood’s missionaries through Take the City’s Project Lifehouse– strategically placed homes that reach the neighborhood community for Christ. A few years earlier, Steve & Kristen Bedsole discovered during COVID that food drives would be beneficial for the neighborhood. A local church, the Verge, with Pastor Chuck Odum, was inspired to come alongside and help. That’s when the Wings came on the scene. As time passed, the Wings realized that the neighbors desired a true community– they were already holding block parties, for instance– but weren’t clear on the next thing to do to make it a reality, until the monthly food drives inspired them. “We found the heart of the neighborhood, which was not just come, get, go,” Cody said. “When they saw we were committed, they began to not only pick up a box, but began to help to distribute them and set up/tear down. They started serving each other.”  “Every month as we get together,” Lilly shared, “we pick one word we want to speak over our neighborhood and pray into that. They’re always ready to pray over what they want to see decrease and what needs to increase.” The sense of community addresses intangibles like loneliness and hopelessness and tangibly lifts the spirits of everyone involved.  People are also drawn to the Wings’ Lifehouse and frequently visit. One adolescent boy came onto the porch, just...

Evangelism Bootcamp – 8 Weeks

Discovering the JOY

8 Session Evangelism Boot-camp

We want to journey with you in discovering the JOY in representing God’s love and goodness in everyday situations.

This eight week course is designed to help everyone who is a follower of Jesus Christ learn how to more effectively represent Him in everyday life. This Boot-Camp is not designed just for the “spiritually elite” but rather everyday people who long to be used by God at their schools, workplaces, homes and surrounding community. The primary goal of this Boot-Camp is to help de-mystify evangelism for believers who may feel scared of sharing their faith.  

This Boot-camp is eight sessions long and can be done either during a weekend or over an eight week period.

Sign up here


When? –  Thursday nights at 6:30pm – (This training will start February 18th and will be 8 weeks long.)

Where? – 5304 Hurst Drive, Columbus, Ga 31901


Here’s an overview of what we would cover each session:

  1. Identity – Who are we in Christ?
  2. Intimacy – We bear fruit when we abide in the Vine.
  3. Authority – We are Christ’s ambassadors
  4. Proclamation – How to share the gospel effectively
  5. Prophecy – How God can speak through us
  6. Healing/ Words of Knowledge – How to pray for the sick
  7. Deliverance – How to set the captives free
  8. Destiny – God has huge plans to use each of us!


What to bring to Boot-Camp:

  • An expectant and open heart
  • Bible
  • Pen
  • A personal notebook/ Journal
  • Commitment to attend at least 6 of the 8 sessions. 


How much does this training cost?

While there is no formal charge for this bootcamp we do recommend one of two giving options to help cover the expenses for this event. 

  1. Optional – Bring a love offering each week to help cover the cost of this training.
  2. Optional – one time gift to Take the City to help cover the cost of this training.