A catalyst for unifying the Church

October 21, 2015

Take the City Griffin This past weekend, we took a team of leaders to help support Jonathan Cronin as he lead Take the City’s first outreach in Griffin, GA.  That morning, It was humbling to arrive at the Griffin Salvation Army to several guys huddled around a charcoal grill wrapping hotdogs for the day.  We could already feel the sense of unity and grace amongst all the leaders and volunteers. As the worship service started people from all over the community were spilling into the old pews of Salvation Army’s chapel.  The congregation erupted with praise singing the chorus “Your love never fails” from the popular worship song  “One thing remains.”  There was revival and breakthrough in the atmosphere. It was as if a fresh wind came in the room blowing on the flames of our hearts, and we all knew that something powerful was going to happen that day. Andrew Chalmers, director of Take the City, was able to share an encouraging word with the congregation. It seemed as if the people carried such an anticipation for the day, they could not wait for the outreach. Afterwards, the congregation was split into teams and assigned to leaders. Each of us, were assigned to a different group. Prodigal Daughter Within the first five minutes of our outreach, we ran into a family of five. After passing out hot dogs to each of them and introducing ourselves, we didn’t wait a moment. We began to share the gospel and share our hearts with them. As my team took turns praying and making declarations over the family, the Lord gave me...

Take the City

For the past few years, we have seen churches from all different backgrounds gather together in unified prayer, worship and outreach.  As a result, we’ve seen so many people step into a lifestyle of freedom to pursue God, to share their story with others and to reach people with God’s love.

We are inviting you to come join us for an unforgettable weekend as people from all over the area are gathering together to see our city forever changed! Friday night we will have a powerful time of worship and prayer. Saturday we will gather together for a time of training and then we will send out teams all over the area to share the love of Christ!

United in Prayer // Friday @ 6:30pm (Prayer & Worship Night)

Take the City //  Saturday @ 12:30pm (Training & Outreach)

Both of these events will be held in the Teen Challenge building off River Road in Columbus.

The address is – 5304 Hurst Dr, Columbus GA.

This event is in coordination with Chattahoochee Valley House of Prayer, Take The City and Eminent Worship and various local churches from the area!