419 Tents of Worship & Prayer in One Weekend

November 5, 2019

The weekend of October 17-19, we had the opportunity to participate in Tent America, a grassroots movement of day and night worship, prayer and missions, especially focused on the U.S. For this event, people were invited to set up a tent of worship for 50 hours straight wherever they would like: work places, city parks, churches, college campuses, etc. 419 people stepped up to orchestrate 50 hours of prayer and worship in their areas. October 17-19, hundreds of people across the U.S. joined together in prayer for our nation and our cities to encounter God. Prayers were answered as many people did experience Christ’s love. The following stories are testimonies from our tent at Take the City. Louis and Nancy Chalmers along with a few other people were worshiping the Lord from 4am-8am Saturday morning. Around 5am, a guy walked up to the tent. He met the Chalmers and stayed for a long time. At the very end of the night on Saturday, he showed back up at 10pm. He had felt led to come and help tear down the chairs and help where he could. This was an answer to prayer for our team who had been there all day. We told him so, and he felt SO ENCOURAGED! He wasn’t sure if he should come at all; he didn’t want to be a burden. Not at all! Many hands make light work, and he was an incredible help! Later that afternoon, we sent out a few teams of people out across the Chattahoochee Valley to share the Gospel and pray for people. One of our leaders had...

Harvest Nights

Did you know every third Thursday of the month believers from all over the Valley area are gathering to worship Jesus and to pray over their communities together? One of our core values here at Take the City concerns unifying churches from all different denominations and cultural backgrounds. For us it is one of our greatest joys and privileges to use the prayer room, Harvest House of Prayer, for this very purpose.

We invite you to come join us and see what God is doing on these Harvest Nights! These nights of worship combined with our Saturday outreaches create a powerful equipping force in the lives of believers, as we learn what it means to worship, pray, evangelize, and make disciples who make disciples in our city and beyond. So come on out, get involved, meet like-minded believers, and let’s worship the Lord together!


6:15pm Doors Open

6:30pm – Intro and Sharing

6:40pm – Teaching by Andrew Chalmers

7pm – Worship

8pm – Worship & Intercession