Take the City Testimony – Quadasia

Take the City Testimony – Quadasia

Take the City Testimony – Quadasia

In February 2016 we had over 150 people from various churches and organizations all come together to serve our community. Here is a testimony from someone who was at the event. 

“This is a blessed organization where all churches and any person can come together as one body in Christ to go out and spread God’s love and the Good News about Jesus throughout Columbus, Georgia. 

I first heard of take the city from people just talking about it. Then, one night I saw it on the 11pm news. Then I got invited to it on Facebook. That’s when I knew… I had to go! Just being there you knew the spirit of God was present. Still, I was nervous and uncomfortable because I barely knew anyone and I’ve never evangelized before. But they were all very inviting and warm. There were people from all over the US there. I couldn’t believe people even knew where Columbus was.

We worshipped to get our spirits right before we left. I remember the director talking about how the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells within us. It’s a hard concept to believe at first… Until God reveals His glory! We were about to depart in our groups when a family brought their deaf and mute son to be healed. People started laying hands on him and he was healed!!!! Before my very eyes! I can’t believe God allowed me to see something so powerful!

Afterwards, we went out in our groups and prayed for people and spread love. God lead me to pray for people I never thought I’d encounter. I made so many friends and prayer partners. He showed me how to take the authorities He has given me in this life and use them. Ever since this event, God has been taking me higher in my faith and spiritual growth. He even revealed some spiritual gifts I never knew I had! All glory to the Father!!! I’m so grateful that Take the City was the vessel from which God poured out His abundance upon me! Keep letting God use you! Thank you! Be blessed in Jesus’ Name. Amen!”

Quadasia (A Take the City Participant)

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Even with only 2 Take the City Outreaches under my belt, they have made such an impact in my own personal journey of faith, and others I have crossed paths with! The most special part to me is knowing that even if I meet someone and I never see them again, I know God has allowed me to touch their heart and plant a seed that I couldn’t have done sitting at home. I’m so thankful for this organization because it truly has allowed me to connect with others, with the goal of bringing them closer to Christ, while becoming closer with God myself at the same time.

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