Testimonies from Tent America!

Testimonies from Tent America!

Testimonies from Tent America!

The Lord moved all over the States during Tent America. Here are some powerful testimonies of how He encountered people around the country.


Oregon – An agnostic on campus experienced the presence of God when we prayed for him and realized that the reason he’d recently been studying the Bible in one of his classes and picked up a book called “The Secret: Ask, Believer, Receive” was because God was real and was pursuing a relationship with him.

Maine – We walked up to a door and knocked. A woman named Debora was there, and after talking with her a few minutes, we discovered she had been diagnosed with bone cancer. After encouraging her, we prayed for her healing. She was very grateful for our visit.

New Hampshire –  One woman had a leg shorter than the other, and it grew out! Another story, there was a couple who were both believers. The woman’s back pain was at a 10 and went completely away. She got up and said “Hey, wow! That feels really good!” Then we prayed for her husband who had a stiff neck and that was healed as well! You could tell he was sincerely interested in the fact that we are called to walk out signs, miracles and wonders, just as Jesus did. The couple were very thankful we came.

Oklahoma – A young pregnant mother of two said, “I can’t sleep and am dealing with a lot of anxiety” After receiving prayer, she said through tears, “Thank you so much, thank you for coming today.”

Minnesota – On Friday at Tent America 2018, I encountered a homeless Native American gentleman named George at Mears Park in St Paul.  I shared the full Gospel Message with him followed by my personal testimony. George was so very close to surrendering his life to Christ but needed to count ‘The Cost of Being a Disciple‘.  I prayed for George throughout the night then returned to Mears Park on Saturday but he was gone.  Later, we shared Christ at the Hiawatha Tent City. When we finished, I returned to our State Capitol tent.  George emerged. He had walked six miles then waited several hours until I returned.  During his walk, another gentleman had pulled over to shout to him ‘I have been looking for you.  I have a job for you to do.’ When he this I declared, ‘This is more than our answered prayer. This is a picture that Jesus Christ is pursuing you!  Jesus has been looking for you! Jesus has a job for you to do!'” And just like that, the Holy Spirit moved in power! George shrieked then dropped to the ground in surrender to Jesus Christ. We have another brother in the Kingdom!

Pennsylvania – One of my friends led a woman to Jesus using the Google translator app, and he said it was amazing!! He also prayed for her shoulder to be healed, and it was!

Georgia – A team went out to eat for lunch on Saturday. As they sat down to eat, they noticed a woman nearby and felt led to talk to her. They shared the Gospel with her, and she gave her life to Christ!


These are just a few stories of how God moved during Tent America. This is just the beginning. To God be the Glory!

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  1. Minnesota – A mom and daughter came to our tent, and in the middle of worship, the daughter began to weep! She gave her heart to Jesus, forgave those that hurt her, and was totally delivered!


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TAKE THE CITY outreaches have been so special to me. I love being able to see the hand of GOD move in peoples lives as they are healed and families restored. GOD cares about every detail of our lives and he reaches the places that only HE can only heal! Its been an honor to see all the teams go out and share the LOVE that GOD has instilled and filled the teams with, and let it pour out to all the community. Having physical needs met also assures all we encounter, the faithfulness of our Father. So many times I have cried seeing what GOD is doing… Being able to see people brought into the KINGDOM and freedom Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body. Is the greatest treasure in my life. I am grateful for TAKE THE CITY allowing me to have front seat and seeing GOD move in peoples lives!

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