Testimony – Feb 2019 Take the City

Testimony – Feb 2019 Take the City

Testimony – Feb 2019 Take the City

On last Saturday I went on my first mission trip it was something that I hadn’t done before. Me and six other men of God went to Elizabeth Cannon Apt in Columbus Ga. This was a place I used to go when I was lost in the world saw so many bad things go on there I heard so many bad things about that place. It was truly a blessing to go back there with my mind on Doing the work of God. The first thing that we did was pray and ask God to guide us in the way we should go.

We saw little children playing in the streets and we asked if they believe in Jesus Christ and most of them said yes. We asked if we could pray for and with them and they said yes then some said they love to go to church. I tell you I am a pastor and I have never seen so many people that wanted prayer and the word of to There were two ladies sitting on the porch and when we walked up you could tell that they were going through something and they were waiting on us.

The one woman asked if we could pray that she would stop having seizures she just broke down and started crying. We gathered around her and prayed I could feel God moving among us. The other women were sitting watching and praying one of the guys said to her something going on with your children and she just broke down crying then we began to pray for her.

To make a long story short I found out that we as disciples must take the word of God out into the highway and byways. I also learned that theirs so many people young and old that are hungry for prayer and the Word of God. I had a hallelujah good time and can’t wait until I get a chance to go out on a mission for God again. By the way, I was with a great group of Godly men.

Written By: Michael Goode – (Reach School Student)

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I learned about Take The City through a young lady at our church about 5 years ago and after going on my first outreach, I was HOOKED. I fell in love with the family environment, organic evangelism, and genuine love that I experience here.  The training, connections, and opportunities that I’ve been blessed with here have been nothing short of life-changing!  God bless my TTC family.
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