Do you long to grow in sharing your faith? Or want to learn more about the Bible?  We have created this training hub for people to grow in their walk with Jesus, be equipped, and empower you to share your faith.  Below are some FREE resources for you; simply register for a free account and check out our free e-courses.  

Discovering the Joy

Are you ready to discover the joy of representing Christ in your everyday life?

Now more than ever, it’s time to learn how to actively share your faith to reach the world around you. With Discover the Joy, you will be equipped to grow in your faith, share the gospel, and see the supernatural reality of the Kingdom released everywhere you go. Through practical teaching and personal testimonies, This couse will empower you with confidence to overcome the fear that’s been holding you back from doing into your destiny as world-changer. 

How to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples

If you’re confused about what discipleship really means, join us for this free e-course on making disciples. This e-course will teach you biblical principles that will help you make disciples that multiply.

By Pastor Arthur Breland - United Church

The 5 P's of evangelism

Due to the various social, political, and spiritual battles taking place in our world, it is clear that proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ is more necessary today than any other point in history.  The five p’s of evangelism are presence, proclamation, power, persuasion, and prophetic. These are five methods, or approaches, to reaching the lost.

By Joshua Lindquist - Global Revival Harvest

Harvest DNA

The Lord Jesus Christ is building “Harvest Bases” around the world in our current generation to promote revival and to see the Great Commission become manifest.  Jesus prepares us for the harvest in order that we may go tend to the harvest.

In this video, we introduce our Harvest DNA series with the goal of equipping you with what you need to to establish your own Harvest Base in your context.  There are four primary topics covered through this video series: worship & prayer, evangelism & mission, family & community, and kingdom business. 

By LA Chalmers - Take the City

Gospel Conversations 101

We want to invite you to join us for this free online training course that is specifically designed to help you in sharing the gospel with others. Have you ever struggled with knowing how to have a gospel conversation?

The purpose of this course is to help walk you through some key steps to having an effective gospel conversation.

By Ellen Chalmers - Freedom to Flourish

The book of Ruth

Join Ellen Chalmers as she teaches from the book of Ruth.  She reads Ruth chapter by chapter, verse by verse, line by line and studies it inductively.  We ask ourselves these three  questions: 

  • “Who is God?”
  • “What is He doing?”
  • “How can we apply this to our lives?”

Through this study, let your heart and mind be transformed as you grow in knowing the Lord.

By LA Chalmers - Take the City

Who is Jesus

Throughout the bible, there are many various titles and names given to Jesus. Have you ever wondered why, for instance, he calls himself the “son of man” and also the “son of God”? 

In this series we will talk about some of those various titles and why they are important. We will also look at a few of the scriptures that will help us better understand why he was referred to in these various ways.

By LA Chalmers - Take the City

New Covenant Reality

What does a “New Covenant Reality” mean for us as Christians?  Have you ever wondered more of what the term “new covenant” from the Bible really means? 

In this E-course, we will explore the reality of the New Covenant from the Bible! 

From Andrew:

Come join me today as I’m starting a devotional in the mornings through the book of ACTS. I love this book from the Bible! My primary focus is going to be learning from the book of ACTS on how we can grow more in sharing the gospel with others.

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