Washington D.C. Testimony!

Washington D.C. Testimony!

Washington D.C. Testimony!

This summer, we offered an internship program called Occupy for high school and college students. Occupy is a 6-week program that is geared toward helping students grow in their identity and intimacy with God by going deeper in the Word of God, prayer, and evangelism. The internship offers the opportunity for students to learn the backbones of ministry by working closely with Take the City staff in administration, social media, and videography.

While in the program, the students took a trip to Washington D.C. to pray for people on the streets, share the Gospel, and participate in an event called Together 2016. Here is a testimony from one of our students named Ashley:

“During our time in D.C. we had the opportunity to pray and worship with the founder of Men for All Nations, Dick Simmons.  We had the privilege of praying in Dick’s personal prayer room called the “War Room,” which is located in the upper room of his apartment and beautifully overlooks the supreme court.  While we were praying, I started to feel God’s presence more and more. I began praying over two of our leaders, Bryan and Kursti.  I noticed when I prayed for an anointing to rest over their lives, my whole body would get hot.  Whenever I would stray away from what the Lord was showing me, my body would get colder.  I’m amazed at how God continues to reveal Himself as a supernatural God. Experiencing this has opened my eyes to a new level of discernment in the place of intercession.


Amongst the many amazing experiences I’ve had with God, I must share this last one. During our trip there was such a grace to speak and use the gift of tongues. Each day I spoke in tongues more and more.  And as I spoke in tongues more, the presence of the Lord grew sweeter and sweeter. It was almost as If I could taste it.


I can honestly say I left Washington D.C. praying differently and more aware of the reality that God’s goodness does not have a limit.” -Ashley Faulker

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I have been serving in some way with Take the city since October 2013. I spent a lot of time on the prayer team in the beginning and encountered God’s heart for the city in a life changing way. When the teams came back and shared testimonies, it was always fun to see that our prayers coincided with some of their testimonies in special ways. More recently I have had the privilege of leading a team to a nursing home where I used to be an employee. I used to pray over the facility every day, and it was such a miracle to see an old friend who lives there give his life to Jesus on one of our outreaches a year later. God sure has a way of answering prayers. And Take the City is an answer to so many prayers that have gone up here.

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