Many people often wonder what God is like. Have you ever asked the question of what God is like? In this video, join Andrew Chalmers, as he talks about an important attribute of God’s character that we find in the Bible. This session specifically helps to answer the question, Does God discipline us?

Many people have varying views and ideas about what God is like. In order for us to really find out the truth of who God is and what he is really like, we must always go to our primary source, the Bible. In the bible we can find the answers to many of our questions we have about God.

Does God discipline us?

In this session, Andrew Chalmers explores Hebrews chapter 12 where it talks about God’s discipline in our lives. We discover in this chapter the truth that God not only disciplines us but also that His discipline in our lives is a sign of being His children. If we are not being disciplined by our heavenly father, then we are not truly His children.

Punishment vs. Discipline

Is there a difference between punishment and discipline? In this video we explore the difference and how important discipline is in our lives. What we discover from this is that not only do we need discipline but also that God’s discipline in our lives is a sign of God’s love for us. He loves us so much and He is so good that he’s constantly working in our lives to bring us more and more into what is best for us.

God uses discipline in our lives to get rid of things that need to go. He also uses discipline in our lives to instill new values and things that cause us to look more like Jesus. What we discover when we study the scriptures is that God’s discipline is ALWAYS for our good!

God’s loving Discipline

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