Why is Jesus called the Son of David?

Why is Jesus called the Son of David?

Why is Jesus called the Son of David?

Have you ever wondered why in the Bible that Jesus is called the “son of David”? This is a simple bible study session where we will look at verses that help us find the answer.

In Matthew 21 we are told the story of when Jesus was making his entry into the city of Jerusalem before he was crucified. When everyone saw him coming they all laid out palm branches and called him the “son of David.” In this video we help look at some other verses to help us understand why they gave him this name or title. Also, we look at Matthew 1 where the genealogy of Jesus is detailed.

At the very beginning, it again uses the phrase “son of David” to identify who Jesus is. Have you ever wondered why He is called the Son of David in your own Bible study? In this video bible study, Andrew Chalmers talks about some more scriptures that will help us understand the answer.

[Isa 9:6-7 ESV] 6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. 7 Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end, on the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it and to uphold it with justice and with righteousness from this time forth and forevermore. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will do this.

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  1. Jesus is the Son of David !!!! How do I know? because I read the Bible….– not one of the newer translations for they distort the TRUTH….as they have in this case -by stating that it was through a “descendant ” of David !!! If that were true, then who was it? !!!!! We are not told anything of David’s line much after 2 generations –beyond a genealogy of unknown people !!!

    Matt ch 1 says Jesus is the Son of David…….and Luke ch 1 v 32 says that David is the father of JESUS.
    . ie. David is the father of JESUS.
    GOD tells us that after David is dead and lying with his forefathers, GOD will take David’s seed “which shall proceed out of thy bowels/bodyloins/womb – (depending which Bible you read)….and I will establish His kingdom.” eg Isaiah ch 9 v 7 . In addition, GOD takes an oath that assures David that this shall be. ( eg. 2 Sam ch 7 v 12; Psalms 89; and 132;
    Acts ch 2 v 30…..and in 1 Kings and 1 Chron.
    In today’s world the male sperm may be preserved for another day—-so why couldn’t GOD do that 3 thousand years ago..( despite there being no fridges !).. and one thousand years later impregnate Mary, the Virgin and bring forth JESUS?
    (It would be very strange if we were not told of whom Jesus came….but we are told !!)
    Matt. ch 1 v 1 Jesus, Son of David and Luke ch 1 v 32…. “give unto Him the throne of His father, David”——-read by everybody..but noticed by nobody…apparently !!

    Jesus was the Son of GOD..the only “begotten” Son of GOD……”a man approved of GOD”!
    Acts ch 2 v 22
    Of course Jesus was a man..a human man….with no incarnation…but Glorified after Calvary having become the First Fruit of Mankind……the first human to meet ( and SEE) GOD !! The Bible, over and over, tells us that Jesus was a man…indeed, He told us Himself …I will elaborate on this if it is requested of me.
    This all has very serious consequences for normal church teaching through out the world…and the false claims it makes of a trinity doctrine ++ !! —something which GOD VERY strongly contests throughout the O.T.!!! ( ie He alone is GOD !!!) ( Jer. ch 23 vs 1 and 11 !!!) rodd !

    • Nope. JESUS IS GOD. Jn 10:30.

      • Jesus is the Son of God ,1He said I proceeded forth and came from the Father, neither came I of myself but he Sent me.

      • That’s right, Jesus Christ IS the one true God!
        1 Timothy 3:16 He’s God manifest in the flesh.
        Col. 2:9 – All the fullness of the Godhead dwells in Him.
        John 8:58 – He is the I AM
        Col. 1:16 – By Him were all things created.
        Rev. 1:8 – He is the Alpha & Omega, He which was, is , and is to come…The Almighty.

    • Jesus is God.

      • No. We have a god. And We have Jesus. And We have the holy spirit.

    • That is just plain ignorant.

    • Holy, holy, holy is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
      Thank you for this; it clearly explains why Jesus is the Son of David…for me anyways.
      Thank you, thank you!

  2. Dear Mary– (re your comment above ! Feb 2 2021)

    You refer to John ch 10 v 30 : – So if we read John ch 17 vs 11, 21 and 22 and 23 when Jesus prays to His FATHER (!!) GOD – and asks that the disciples be ONE with each other – and ONE with both JESUS and GOD…..you are implying that they are ALL GOD ?????…and that JESUS was praying to Himself ? !!!
    NO! of course not ! John ch 10 v 30 refers to Their ‘ONENESS of mind and purpose’ NOT this trinity blasphemy. (Lots of Bible text proves the falsehood of it.)
    GOD is SPIRIT. John ch 4 v 24 GOD is NOT ‘man’. Num. ch 23 v 19
    GOD cannot change Mal. ch 3 v 6 GOD cannot “vary” James ch 1 v 17
    Thus GOD cannot flit between spirit and man.
    JESUS is “FLESH” John ch 1 v 14 1 JOHN ch 4 v 2 JESUS is MAN (until being glorified AFTER His Resurrection as the FIRST FRUIT of MANKIND John ch 8 v 40; Acts ch 2 v 22 … JESUS is ‘GOD’s CHOSEN ONE’… Isaiah ch 42 v 1 Psalm 89 v 19. (chosen from out of the brethren..Deut ch 18 vs 15, 18 and 19. )

    The trinity makes GOD a liar; it makes Jesus a deceiver; it makes Mary a ” proxy ” mum !
    Read John ch 19 vs 25-27 if you believe that ! The trinity – and the world wide church- make poor JOHN’s ch 1 vs 1-5, 9-13 an aid to false teaching as ALL these verses refer to ALMIGHTY GOD……and NOT Jesus…who enters John ch 1 in verse 14…..at His Baptism. He cannot then be retro placed into v 1..an eternity before !!!! I am happy to explain these remarks. ..

    Days are short…it is time the churches woke up to the wickedness of 4th century Rome and to realise they are being conned……even as far as to the lake of fire…. by false doctrine.
    Please believe the BIBLE ( I suggest NOT a modern translation which makes JESUS a ” child of one of David’s descendants (WHO ? !!!! ) and stop just accepting the message that wafts across the pews on a “SUN ” day ” morning….which is also courtesy of Rome.
    Please discern the BIBLE…GOD’s WORD !!!!!!!! (spoken by Jesus in N.T.)
    Thank you. rodd.

    • I couldn’t have put it better myself. We need to trust the word. The Bible is God’s word, the truth. We need to pray that the Holy Spirit guides us while reading God’s Word. Lean not on our own understanding. Your one hundred percent right on this one. Men, in good faith are trying to interpret the meaning of the Bible. The one and only interpreter of the Bible is the Holy Spirit. A gift to us from God. If we rely on man for answers we are doomed. Pray that the Holy Spirit guides you while reading the Bible. If you don’t understand a verse pause for a moment and pray. It might not come to you at that very moment, but the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth.

      • Isaiah 55:1-4
        Isaiah 49
        Psalm 89
        Ezekial 36:24-27
        Hosea 3:5
        Psalm 110
        Psalm 2:7 – John 3:16
        Isaiah 22:22 – Rev 3:7
        Psalm 82:6 – John 10:34
        Acts 2:22-47
        Ezekial 36:26
        Psalm 40:7

    • In John ch 1 vs 1 it says that the word was with God and the word was God in vs 3 it says that All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.
      That’s showing that everything was made with the word. If we go back to Genesis God spoke everything into creation this also shows that the word has power to form things in to creation. In John ch 1 vs 14 it says The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. This all shows us that the word was in the beginning with God and came from God, the word was also what God used to create the world and everything in it. Now if the word was with God in the beginning and formed everything in existence then the word became flesh (Jesus) and words are an embodiment of the person who spoke it Jesus would be the embodiment of God. As for the part in your reply that say that God never changes this is true God is the same yesterday, today and forever but Jesus/the word is a form of God’s character like his mercy, love, forgiveness and his grace his appearance can change to us just like how God shows us his love in many forms.

    • My previous message was towards rodd’s reply on April 13 2021.

    • Rodd you are 100% using prooftexting and stringing pearls to devise your own invented theology here. Read the gospels again…without bias towards your comfort zone. We repeatedly see that the religious experts of the time accused Jesus of heresy and blaspheme because they understood very well that Jesus was making claims about his own divinity by what He said. (read these in context: John 10:31-36, Mrk 2:6-7, Luke 5:21, Mark 14:63-64, Matthew 9:1-3, John 8:48-59 and many more) And yet never do we ever see Jesus backstep and saying anything even close to “Oh wait, you have misunderstood me….”i didn’t mean it that way”. Jesus made extravagant and outrageous claims about himself over and over. Calling himself “Son of Man” and thus purposefully connecting himself to the messianic prophecy of Daniel 7. Jesus allowed Mark to worship him and call him Lord and God….even being resurrected this would have been inappropriate for a mere resurrected man….Lazarus was not worshipped! Jesus called HIMSELF “THE way” THE Truth and THE Life” (John14:6) not saying that He simply knew the way or the truth or the life as a faithful servant of God but that He himself WAS those things! Which would be the height of blaspheme were He other than Divine. To say that you believe scripture and yet miss these things as they are plainly there is to reveal that you read to support your own bias. Rather than allowing the Word of God to actually have the authority of the Word of God in your convictions. I pray that you might repent and allow God the Son, as revealed by His own words and life preserved for us in scripture, to speak for Himself. He desires to reconcile you to God. And there is no other name under heaven by which we can be saved. But You need to be willing to receive Him. You cannot receive Him without allowing Him to be who He is.

  3. I always have said Catholic. Church is an extension of the Roman empire. Pissed my Dad off 45 years ago.

  4. Rodd, with all due respect, you need to go back and do a word study on these scriptures. I suggest specifically the word “father”, using in the King James version along with something like Stong’s Concordance. You are 100% correct in your statement about looking at the Bible, but I’m afraid there’s some underlining misunderstanding which my suggestion above should clear up.

    The Trinity also does not result in the claims you state – in fact very much the opposite. I’m surprised to see you arrive at such a position.

    Anyway, no mystical freezing of sperm going on here – God wouldn’t even need to deal with that – that is thinking on human terms and understanding. I would encourage a word study (maybe in a small group setting) and you may also find why Jesus is said to be a descendent of Abraham as well (not that that topic came up in this discussion, but the points can be related.)

  5. There’s worldwide controversy by scientists, theologians, clergy men and clergy women, scientists, that entities, not from this earth, have manipulated human DNA. When the shining Angel went to Mary, she could have become pregnant through “In vitro” with sperm from David (or et dna), which had been preserved for eons.


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