Young Woman and soon to be mother encounters God’s love

Young Woman and soon to be mother encounters God’s love

This past weekend, we sent out teams all over the city to share the good news and to love and bless those they meet.  One our newest outreach leaders, Lisa Eady, was able to do just that. Below is a testimony of how God used her to bring hope and peace to a young woman and soon to be mother.

This moment was as powerful for me as the young lady was receiving prayer. Imagine being a young woman with no hope. Imagine thinking your life was over at only 13 years old. This young woman was there, and in an instant the rushing wave of the Father’s love hit her.

Unexpectedly on a normal Saturday morning an encounter with Jesus. As the team declared identity over her and her unborn child her countenance changed and fear melted at the name of Jesus. Jesus’ love made her strong, secure and hopeful for the first time in her life. Her story touched me, it took me back to when i was 15.

The love of Jesus encountered me suddenly through this woman of God, who is now my best friend. Her intense love of the Father that she shared with me changed the course of my life forever. I went from an insecure hopeless young girl to a strong woman of God with one encounter with the relentless love of Jesus.  So this encounter on Saturday changed the course of this young girls life forever, as well as her unborn child.  But I too was reminded of the length the width and the height of the love of Jesus that chases all us down every day; even when we are running from it.

As we have been faithful to God in stewarding his great commission, it is always such a joy to hear powerful stories and testimonies like this. We hope and pray as you have read this testimony that it would stir your heart and encourage you to do the same. May the Lord give you courage and passion to step outside of your comfort zone to be love and light to those around you.

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TTC led me out of darkness and into the love I’ve longed for my entire life, the love of JESUS.  They’ve taught me to love like Jesus by walking out my created purpose.  My Spirit has been healed, I am whole, because of their obedience to do God’s will.  They have introduced me to and welcomed me into a powerful tribe of women that love Jesus with their whole heart.  Women that strengthen, teach, support, and encourage one another with the power and authority given by the Holy Spirit.  I am eternally grateful for their ministry and humbled to be called family.

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