“I Can Hear… Praise be to God!”

“I Can Hear… Praise be to God!”

“I Can Hear… Praise be to God!”

“I have always had a testimony of Christ. He has been a steadfast friend and comforter to me all through my life.

However, I have suffered my whole life through this and that. I was unable to hear people on the phone. In person, the only time I could hear was watching and reading lips. I had been that way since the age of 10. I wore hearing aides during my teen years, but would be bullied about it, so I threw them away and told my mother I lost them. She was unable to replace them as we have always been low income. So I went until 8 years ago without them. My husband went with me to get the set I own today and was able to hear as I do through the technology they offered. He watched as they put in my levels and played it for him then played it normal. My husband cried, as well my son who went with us. They had no idea. No one had any idea because I had gotten so good at hiding how very bad it was.

On April 22nd, I attended Revival on the River with my dear friend Milisa Gardner her husband, Joe, and their son, Aaron. I could just feel the love of Christ and community. Unity Night brought me closer to God. Then, the minister talked about a boy that couldn’t hear or talk. They prayed for him and he had received a divine blessing to hear and speak. The minister asked if there was any that had hearing loss and if it was severe. I raised my hand and God moved through me as I held it up. He was sending people to pray over those with their hands up. A nice young lady and a gentleman came and prayed. She moved her hands and I could hear her a little clearer. She prayed with me again. Then she walked down with me and 3 gentleman prayed with me near the stage and I felt warmth and tingle through out my body and a ringing of clarity in my ears. I could hear people praying all around me for this and that. I could hear clapping and praising. They asked if I would testify of the return of my hearing. Being that I suffer from great anxiety, I hesitated. They prayed over me for my anxiety and I marched on stage to let everyone know God is good. I have my hearing back. Glory to Him the the most high. I am 42 years old and have been with out hearing for 32 of those years. Now I sit and listen to my son breathe as he sleeps. I sit and hear the birds chirp. Praise you Father!

I have started listening to people talk with my eyes close or turning my head. I can hear. I can hear…praise be to God! Amen!”


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My experience with the Take the City crew was like coming into a family.  Our team was welcomed in with open arms with like-hearted believers who love Jesus and have laid down their lives to serve the broken of the city! It was an honor to come alongside them, be welcomed into their homes, share meals, and experience the transformational work that God is doing in and through them to see His Kingdom come.
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